NAILS | Aveniro Glass Files Review (Pretty AND Functional!)

You guys know that I like painting my nails. Like A LOT. I have talked about how I stopped cutting my nails and instead only file my nails because of the extra control I have when it comes to shaping them for those cuticle close-ups. At the beginning, I was using a fine grit emery board to keep my nail length in check, but switched to glass on the recommendation of another nail blogger. Not all glass files are created equally and over time I have used nail files that either dull quickly or were never that sharp to begin with. The Czech Republic, while known for its scenic beauty, is also known for creating some of the best glass nail files in existence (this is of course, just my humble opinion).

Aveniro is located in the northern part of the Czech Republic, near a glass-making district, so they must really know their glass nail files! Currently, Aveniro focuses mainly on wholesale distribution, but hopefully we will see an online shop for them if we show them some love! I recently received a couple of Aveniro glass files to try and not just for nails, but for feet too!

The three glass nail files have a very fine, but sharp grit to them and come in a variety of colours. They can even be customized with specialty photo-printing, sandblasting and even hand painting for your business or event. The nail files come in both the double-sided and single-sided grit, but I actually prefer the single-sided files because the roughness can feel a bit annoying on the skin of your non-filing hand. They also come in a thickness of 2,3 or 4mm, but I definitely prefer the 2mm for general nail filing.

Now, a glass foot file is something I have NEVER used before! The Aveniro glass foot file is heavy duty at a thickness of 6mm, double-sided and double the roughness. They can also be customized to your liking just like the nail files. We know what a mess filing can make, especially with highly calloused areas like the feet so I would definitely file your feet in the tub or over top a towel. It's hard to see in the photo, but the grit level of this foot file was able to cut through my husband's runner's heel. It is more work than using an electric file, but overall does give you more control and minimizes the risk of overfiling.  

I thought these glass manicure sticks were the COOLEST thing ever! At first, I was puzzled about how to use these, but now I cannot imagine my life without them! The rounded grinding tip perfectly fits underneath the nail and clears out any dirt or for me, nail polish that sometimes ends up underneath the nail during the removal process. The beveled tip on the either side let's you shape the edge of the nail with absolute precision while the flat surface is smooth so you can push back your cuticles without scraping the nail plate. GENIUS!

Final verdict: The best part about glass files (other than that they never need sharpening) is how easy they are to clean! Just rinse under warm water and soap and leave to dry! Aveniro had some nail tools that I didn't even know you COULD make out of glass so I was very impressed. Quality of the glass was top notch and I did not have to file furiously back and forth. If anything, one or two motions across the edge of the nail and I was done.

If you are a business and are looking salon tools that are not only pretty, but do their job and more, look into Aveniro!

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