NAILS | Happy Halloween from KISS Nails!

Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween nail art is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year, but I will admit that ever since my career switch earlier this summer, nails have been harder to polish due to just flat out fatigue. I try to keep them painted, but lately there have been stretches where I will go a solid week without polish because "I won't have time to take proper photos". This is when KISS Nails comes to the rescue with what seems to be a neverending wealth of designs for all seasons! Every Halloween, KISS releases limited edition press-on nails that make you wish it was Halloween everyday. This year there were some old favourites and some cute new designs that I couldn't wait to cover my claws with!

I have reviewed KISS nails a few times here and generally feel that the press-ons are just a wee bit wide for my nail beds, but man are they ever shiny and durable! They adhere so well and are so easy to remove with just a hint of polish remover or very slow and careful peeling. All of these Halloween designs can of course be mixed and matched to your liking and I guarantee these are the most amazing nails you will have at any Halloween shindig if you aren't the greatest at nail art!

Anyone headed to a Halloween party tonight? What are you dressing up as?

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