NAILS | Wet n Wild Halloween Monsters Nail Art

I haven't done Halloween nail in the longest time! I feel like it creeps up so quickly and yet they are hands-down my FAVOURITE nail art theme! This year, a friend of mine tagged me in this Nail Arts Design Magazine video and I thought, yes! Let's attempt this! I was sent a couple of Halloween colours from Wet n Wild and even though my nails are SO SHORT NOW thanks to violin practice, I was determined to fit as many monsters on to them as possible!

The Jack O Lantern was created with two coats of the shade Nuclear War* and some black acrylic paint.

The Bride of Frankenstein was created with two coats of my new favourite creme green, Do Pass Go* and then all the details were handpainted with afine brush and black, white and red acrylic paint.

The female Dracula was created with two coats of another awesome polish, a bright purple called Who is Ultraviolet?* The rest of the details were also handpainted with acrylic paint.

The mummy was one of the fastest nails to do with just two coats of a white polish followed by painting fine black lines and then dotting on some demonic eyes.

Speaking of demonic eyes, this is what I get when the hubby thinks it's funny to step in front of my ringlight. Happy Halloween everyone! If you have fun nail art, link me! I wanna seeee!

Wet n Wild is available at Wal-Mart in Canada.

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