EXPERIENCE | Aveda Canada Revisited - Getting Highlights and Going "Ash Blond"

At the end of July, I announced that I had become an Aveda Institute Vancouver Ambassador which, in all honesty, is something I feel more comfortable doing as going blond has given me a whole new appreciation for hair care. Between my skin and hair care regimes, I probably appear somewhat vain because I seem to spending immeasurable amounts of time on just the top part of my body! What I can truly say though is that having hair I love has made me feel so much more confident. Yes, inner beauty is more important, but this post is all about the HAIR.

After having a haircut and styling session last month (read all about it here!),I decided it was time to let Aveda do something about my summer blond that was getting a little too orange for me. I was greeted by the lovely Amy who got me settled and all cozy with a very FAT September issue of Vogue and a cup of Aveda's herbal tea. Amy then asked me a simple question,"What do you love and what do you dislike about your hair right now?" The answer was easy. I wanted the orange and brassiness taken out and possibly a darker hue for the Fall season. What I loved? I loved the length of my hair and the way the balayage was growing in so what Amy and I decided on was to tone the blond and add some low lights to give my hair some "refinement". 

I was convinced that my ends were far too dry and needed to be chopped off, but after toning and conditioning with Aveda's Blue Malva Color Conditioner, my hair was slip-sliding through my fingertips! As you can see, the change in colour is very subtle in photos and more obvious in real life. My blond definitely has a touch of ash or grey running throughout and has been making me want to wear nude lips more often!

This product has made such a difference in the texture and overall feel of my hair! I was so convinced during my appointment that I had to pick one up for home care use. Blue Malva Color Conditioner (250mL/$33.50 CDN) is a deep conditioning treatment that is left in the hair for about 5 minutes. You can see from the above photo that it is a purple conditioner with pigment to neutralize those brassy tones that are all the more prominent in my normally dark hair. I have used a couple of deep conditioning treatments, but none have left my hair feeling quite as soft as this one! It also smells herbal and aromatherapeutic unlike some other purple products that smell like heavy duty treatments. It is seriously fantastic!

I haven't had my hair coloured at a ton of places, but I would definitely go to Aveda again for colour or highlights. Amy took my hair very seriously and I trusted that she would not do anything that would make me unhappy. This is also one of the few salons I have been to where EVERYONE smiles at you, not just your particular stylist.

What are your colour-treated hair MUST-HAVES?  

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