HAIR | Maple Holistics Natural Argan Oil Shampoo and Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner Review

Have I seriously not talked about shampoo since before the summer?! Well, lemme tell ya, I feel like I have been thrown into shampoo and conditioner boot camp ever since going blonde June 26th, 2015. I remember because it was THAT momentous a day. I have now become very selective about shampoos as they have to be safe for blonde and such, but now that I am using purple S & C's to keep brassiness at bay, I have found it difficult to have BOTH clean and healthy feeling hair.

After getting a bit frustrated with the purple S & C game, I was approached by Maple Holistics to try their Natural Argan Oil Shampoo* (8oz/$12.97) as well as their Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner* (8oz/$12.97). After having a look at the ingredients and feeling confident that all that hard work bleaching and toning the crap outta my hair would go unharmed, I said "let's do it!"

I put this shampoo to the ultimate test after not washing my hair for 4 days and having a ton of dry shampoo and sea salt texturizing spray in my roots. Talk about putting a natural shampoo through the ringer! 

The first thing I do with shampoos is give them a whiff and while I was expecting something along the herbal route, this Natural Argan Oil Shampoo smelled a little like honey and sweet almond oil. Quite pleasant actually and had a good creamy lather thanks to sodium lauryl glucoside, a foaming derivative from coconut and corn. While the s
hampoo wasn't powerful enough to wash out all the product that was in my hair on the first rinse, subsequent shampoos with two and three day hair left my hair feeling clean.

Right here is where I fell in love. I am rarely impressed with conditioner now as I am used to the straw-like feel of my hair no matter what I do. Masks help, but the effects never last more than a day or two. So, remember how I like to smell new hair products? This 

conditioner contains natural vanilla fragrance which smells absolutely AMAZING! Like out of this world amazing!

It has been difficult to find a conditioner that leaves my hair feeling smooth and usually the products that work are the ones with sillicones in them. If there are no silicones in this conditioner, how was my hair feeling so silky? And for 3 days straight at that?! In addition to ingredients like shea butter and argan oil, there is something called Behentrimonium chloride, which is plant-based conditioning agent made from colza oil from the seeds of Brassica rapa, subspecies oleifera. Instead of sitting on top of the hair shaft, like petrochemical-based ingredients, this actually penetrates the hair shaft giving imparting some INSANE conditioning effects! As I was rinsing it off, my hair just slid through my fingers and made me say OOOHH! The silkiness lasted for so long and while I still had to use product for frizz control, the overall feel of my hair has been almost better than when I DIDN'T have it coloured! Even my roots felt soft and not greasy!

As a bonus, when I blow dried my hair I constantly got whiffs of vanilla :-)

Final verdict: I am so glad that I gave these Maple Holistics products a chance because the conditioner really blew me away! I still use a purple shampoo on the blonde parts of my hair, but this cocktail has kept my hair feeling and looking its best!

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