NAILS | Halloween Ghosts #CBBOctNails

I have mentioned this in a tweet before, but I grew up in a born-again Christian family which meant that I was pulled out of a lot of Halloween activities when I was a child. I never got to trick or treat (until first year university!) and dressing up just never happened. I truly feel like because of my upbringing, I am OBSESSED with Halloween now that I am an adult and living on my own. Pagan rituals aside, Halloween has become so commercial that I am really in it for the candy and most importantly the unleashing of beauty creativity. Christmas is still about looking pretty, but Halloween is just grotesque and sometimes the "uglier" the better. Although today's manicure is hopefull neither of these things, I hope I will have some time this month to do some experimentation!

My first Halloween manicure of the month is starting off with some very surprised looking ghosts that I did for the CBB October Nail Challenge. These are a little late because I haven't been home to even take photos or write, but thank goodness these are applicable for the entire month! I started off by using two coats of Wet n Wild - Black Creme* which I had some trouble applying cleanly as the brush was a bit too wide for my liking. It also left a slight cross-hatching finish on both hands which I couldn't make sense of after two coats. There a few ways to do ghosts, but the ones I have on my nails were hand-painted with white acrylic paint.

Is anyone else just as obsessed with Halloween as I am?!

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