FEET | Heal Damaged Heels with the Polysporin Blister Treatment!

This is a sponsored post written by me for POLYSPORIN®.All opinions and text are mine. 

I adore pedicures, but even though I generally have my toes polished all year round, it makes me sad that for the most part, my perfect pedi is covered up with sneakers or pumps.  I love a great shoe, and I will suffer in a pair of new shoes in an effort to break them in. I don’t know how many times I have cried or bled through the pain of a blister all for the love of a great shoe. I work in a business environment so my blisters/raw areas are either on my big toe or on the back of my foot because I constantly wear pumps or pointy heels (that really don’t suit my wide feet at all). 
Thanks to ChickAdvisor, I was able to try out POLYSPORIN®’s Blister Treatment which honestly looked like my foot’s Messiah. I am sure we are all familiar with the POLYSPORIN® brand. I personally always have a tube of the infamous quick healing antibiotic cream in my house. I have used it on everything from little paper cuts to coating earring posts when my new piercings got infected (most awesome thing I’ve used it for).

These are one of my favourite pairs of peep toe pumps because they were my wedding shoes! As pretty as my pedicure looked that day, I remember being in absolute agony by midday because the back of my heel was so raw from the constant friction and newness of the shoe.

The POLYSPORIN® Blister Treatment comes in three different cushion sizes: small, medium and assorted, in packs of five or six. They come in a plastic resealable case for when the next blister hits! When you first take them out, they look like pieces of soft skin which is exactly what this treatment is all about. Using an active gel innovation known as Hydrocolloid technology, these cushions act as a second skin that protects the wound, while absorbing excess moisture away from the wound to create an optimal healing environment. This is much more than just slapping a bandage on the affected area, as you are meant to leave these cushions on for days until they peel off naturally, after they’ve reached their moisture holding capacity. They immediately relieve the pain of the blister, resist coming off in the shower, and maintain a natural moisture balance that best allows the blister or irritated area to heal. You can see the Hydrocolloid technology in action over time as it draws excess moisture away from the wound because the cushion will start feeling almost like jelly. It’s kind of cool in a sci-fi sort of way.


Apply cushion by peeling off paper layer. Make sure skin is free of creams or lotions and is completely dry. Try not to handle the adhesive side of the cushion too much or “restick” the cushion. I did this with my first cushion and it did not adhere to the skin quite as well as it should have which led to premature cushion peeling.

For a second skin, I thought the cushions were going to be too thick, but you can see that I was easily able to slide my foot right back into the shoe and because these are flesh-coloured, they are very hard to spot. Now, leave the cushion on until it starts peeling off on its own! Cool, eh?

Final verdict: Ha! I wondered if this product was too good to be true at first, but I was truly amazed at how well the cushions stayed on the skin, considering I showered a couple of days with them on. They weren’t bulky and they feel cool and soothing to the skin because of the active gel in the Hydrocolloid technology. Now, I rarely do sponsored posts (I think I’ve done one in 4 years) so the fact that I’m even writing about POLYSPORIN® says something about this new Blister Treatment! The POLYSPORIN® Blister patches keep people’s eyes on my sparkly peep-toes instead of my unsightly fashion wounds AND they promote healing all at the same time! It’s win-win!

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