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In this time of mask-wearing, I find that people are either wearing less or MORE makeup. I think it all comes down to your occupation and whether you are on your own or customer facing as you obviously wouldn't be wearing a mask if you are spending most of your time at home. I have been especially focused on lips as I still like wear some sort of colour as my natural lip colour is quite pale. While I have been wearing a number matte liquid lipsticks, for mornings where I am in a rush or just don't feel like taking the time to painstakingly outline my lips (let's face it, a liquid lipstick takes TIME to apply!), a longwearing lip tint has also been working for me. When it comes to lip tints, the Korean beauty world is really where it's at as tints are standard in their makeup looks whether it'd be casual or dressy. Avon and The Face Shop have been really killin' it with the products they have partnered up on and released so here are the Ink Tattoo Lip Tints!

Avon x The Face Shop Ink Tattoo Lip Tints
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This is a lightweight, saturated formula that starts off shiny, but dries down matte. The texture really is "inky" like when you see a foundation pen "splotch" and is feels hydrating on the lips. For a formula that is so pigmented, I am grateful as ever for a precision applicator like this one with a reservoir that holds the perfect amount of colour. Definitely no double-dipping required here!

Avon x The Face Shop Ink Tattoo Lip Tints

These lip tints can be worn two ways - as a tint and as a full coverage lip colour. For a classic Korean beauty look, tap on the colour with your fingers and blend from the center of the lip outward and for full coverage, just go right in with the doe foot applicator! As the colour fades, you will be left with a pretty tint that I sometimes just cover with lip balm or gloss if my lips start to feel dry. It also serves as a bit of a colour refresher.

Avon x The Face Shop Ink Tattoo Lip Tints

Avon x The Face Shop Ink Tattoo Lip Tints

04 About Coral (Diffused Pigmentation)

For the next two shades, I have shown the highly pigmented in addition to the tint version, but not for this coral shade because it just looked terribly chalky on me when done with full coverage. It looks SO MUCH NICER as a tint!

05 Fiesta Red (Diffused Pigmentation)

05 Fiesta Red (Full Pigmentation)

This red is so striking in full coverage mode and I actually prefer wearing it this way as opposed to the tint, but both look nice.

06 Chestnut Brown (Diffused Pigmentation)

06 Chestnut Brown (Full Pigmentation)

Chestnut brown looked so scary and dark in the packaging, but it's actually a beautiful "dark nude" for me. Both tint and full coverage are pretty and easy to wear.

Avon x The Face Shop Ink Tattoo Lip Tints

Final verdict: The main test for me was whether these tints would last under a mask and they do - as tints, not full coverage. I found that they did transfer when I had on full pigmentation colour so my mask was a little dirty and I had a bit of blurring around the edges of my lips. When I applied these the tint way, there was less product to budge and what little was there stayed locked onto my lips. All in all, I'm happy with how these performed and honestly, I suspected they would stay on underneath a mask in tint form just because I know how hard it is to take off tints with makeup remover so if these shades are your style, give these a go! There are five other shades that are all easy to wear for day to day so let me know if you end up trying them or have tried them in the past!

You can find the Avon x The Face Shop Ink Tattoo Lip Tints at or through your local Avon representative.

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