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My setting sprays and powders have been going into overtime these last few months and though I have generally used both in my regular makeup routine, never before have I actively layered these products and made SURE that I used them every time I wear makeup to work. A part of me was tempted to just flat out use hairspray to make my makeup stay, but I figured I would spare my lungs and the environment! IT Cosmetics makes my most favourite loose powder, but over the summer I have had the chance to try some other setting products from the brand that have since become daily staples!

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Your Skin But Better Setting Spray*

I have pros and cons about this spray, but the good far outweighs the bad. Firstly, I found the scent of coconut a bit stronger than I was anticipating, but thankfully it was a scent I enjoyed and it does fade quickly. The mist that comes out isn't the finest and does leave your face feeling a bit wet, but I have found that with my dry/normal skin, this mist actually helped with some dryness around my nose that the foundation had accentuated. Normally, I would use a setting spray like this at the very end, but now I use it just after I apply foundation and then again after I have finished the rest of my face. I have found that the double spray has helped immensely with keeping foundation from moving in the lower half of my face. While I haven't tested 16 hours of wear, this has easily helped me with a whole day of work.

Bye Bye Pores Airbrush Loose Setting Powder*

This is my all time, most favourite setting powder! I never used to set my foundation with powder ever until this was introduced to me during the Canadian brand introduction a couple of years ago. After talking about this powder with a couple of people though, it seems that the finish this leaves is not for everyone. I LOVE the fact that this powder leaves my skin feeling super smooth without a single bit of tackiness and soft like a baby's bottom. Some people still like their skin to feel like skin so if that is the case, you will not like this powder, but oddly enough, even though my skin isn't oily or combination, I just love that ultra silky finish!

I also only peel off a bit of the plastic because you only need a tiny bit of this stuff and at almost $40, I only want to use the necessary amount of product! While you can use the puff provided, I prefer to use a big fluffy brush. I just bought a backup when it was on sale at Sephora sometime in the summer only to look in my drawers to find THREE others! I am obviously in fear of being without this powder!

Bye Bye Pores Illumination Pressed Powder*

I was curious about this pressed powder and how it would compare to my beloved loose powder and though it does do a good job of locking my foundation in, I didn't find it THAT illuminating. The finish is very similar to other loose powders I've tried like Laura Mercier and Charlotte Tilbury, but I personally still love that super silky finish of the Airbrush Loose Setting Powder. What I like about pressed powders is that they aren't messy and I don't have to worry about powder spillage so even though I prefer the finish of the loose, I do like the convenience of the pressed.

I rotate between the two powders and because the scent of the setting spray is so summery, I find it also wakes me up a bit in the mornings! What are your tried and true ways of making sure your makeup stays put? Have you had to resort to spraying hairspray on your face to make sure your makeup lasts with a face mask on?

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