SHEET MASK | Too Cool for School Coconut Milk Cream Mask

Ooh, I am getting here a little late because I decided to do some nails last night instead of prepare this post and then I slept in this morning and made a conscious decision to take it real easy today. It is super smoky in Vancouver from the wildfires in the US so going outside in such poor air quality conditions is not ideal. My poor husband loves going for runs outside now that he works from home, but with his asthma he's been stuck doing workouts at home which I know are not as fun for him. I have been doing Ring Fit, which has been pretty fun, but I am one of those people who wants to collect ALL the coins and explore. In the game you are supposed to be running/jogging, but I am always moving really slowly so that I don't miss picking up any items which kind of defeats the purpose of getting your heart rate up! Thankfully, the battles are more intense! Today's mask is one that I had been trying to get from Sephora for awhile and then once it came back in stock, I never saw it again! It's all very sad, but I think Too Cool for School makes a similar one that might be the same one and is just under a different name? Regardless, this was an interesting cream mask that I hope to try again!

 Purchased by me

Too Cool for School is a fun Kbeauty skincare and makeup brand with a target audience of mainly teens and young adults most well-known for their line of Egg Cream and Mousse products. Their take on beauty has always been fun, cute and playful and even though I had terrible luck with their jelly blushers a few years ago, I still had faith in their skincare! 

The Coconut Milk Cream Mask is a thick cream mask containing niacinamide, milk protein, coconut oil and coconut cream to intensely nourish and moisturize the skin. The mask itself is a luxe one as it is a thick, double-weaved cotton sheet that soaks up all the creamy essence in order to deliver as much of it as possible to the skin.

Mask Summary:

Price: $8 CDN at Sephora, but I don't see it there anymore AND I had to wait months for it to be in stock.
Skin concerns: Dryness
Scent: Light coconut that fades over time
Essence Type: Milky and creamy
Duration: 10-20 minutes
Thickness: Thick, but plush and comfortable.
Mask Fit: Material was soft and stretchy and soaking with essence to the point where the mask felt heavy. The mask was also extra long and covered the neck. Eye holes were shaped a bit funny, but I could live with it.
Tackiness: Light, but my face was sticky for about 3 hours so give it time before heading to bed!
Hydration: Ohhh lordy it's good!
Other notes: Quilted on the side that touches the skin. Package is quite heavy as the mask holds a ton of essence!

Final verdict: I loved that this mask covered the neck too! The mask itself was also so soft and comfortable to wear and though it was an intensely wet one with so much of the essence being held in the mask, it was comfortable and pleasant to wear. I would definitely recommend this mask to anyone with dry skin and in the colder season because it was intensely hydrating, but eventually left my skin only lightly tacky.

You can maybe find a variation of this mask on a few Korean e-tailers, but right now it's not available on Sephora anymore :-(

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