BATH& BODY | mark by Avon Body Oils (One of the BEST Things to Enter My Shower This Year!)

I say that I have my showers at night because my hair routine is too long to fit into a conventional morning. Though this is very much true, there is another reason that I love taking my showers at night – and it is simply because it is the only time in my day where I am truly selfish with my time. In the shower, I exfoliate, do hair treatments as well as make sure that every shower is truly a sensorial experience. Body oils have been making their way into my life over the last couple of years because I love how they carry and hold onto scent incredibly well.

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I have always liked Avon products, but ever since the introduction of their more youthful mark. line, I have been watching their product releases like a hawk. Introduced this past July, four new limited edition body oils have joined the mark. bath and body family promising silky smooth hydration without that oh-so-lovely greasy feeling. Coming in delectable scents like: Crushing on Coconut*, Dreaming of Jasmine*, Passionate for Plumberry* and Sweet on Lemon Sugar* (200mL/$14.00 CDN), these body oils have become a real treat to use as part of my nightly “pamper-me” routine.

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Dreaming of Jasmine is my FAVOURITE scent of the group. I never used to care for the scent of Jasmine, finding it too “grown up”, but with this body oil, I am reminded of freshly cooked rice and flowers. It is just WONDERFUL. Crushing on Coconut was probably my least liked scent, but it’s nothing personal. I’ve just never liked the artificial coconut scent in anything. I love coconut in food, but not so much in bath and body unless it’s subtle.

The consistency of these body oils was somewhat surprising as I was expecting a thicker consistency. In fact, they have an almost water-like fluidity.  When I first started using these body oils, I was applying them directly to my skin after showering, but have found that these are best applied while skin is still wet. I generously shake the bottle all over my skin, rub the oil onto my skin and rinse off while still in the shower. Pat to dry and your skin will be left lightly scented while still feeling moisturized.

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Passionate for Plumberry I was NOT expecting to like at all because plums have never been my jam, but oh my gosh was this yummy! Total thumbs up for anyone who loves berries. Sweet on Lemon Sugar was the first scent I tried because lemon + anything is always good and though this scent was quite nice, it was fairly sweet so it may not be for everyone. Very lemon cookie-like!

Final verdict: There is something incredibly therapeutic about using body oils in the shower or in the bath (just add a few drops). The oils combined with the steam and warmth really emphasize the scents making this my new favourite way to use body oils. The oils glide more easily across the skin and though I may have to resort to cream moisturizer for my super dry legs this winter season, these body oils have been surprisingly hydrating considering how light the consistency.

These may be limited edition, but are currently still available at or through your Avon representative.

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