Beauty Box 5 | September 2013 “On the Go”

Some of you must have wondered where my BB5 posts have been as I have not posted about a BB5 box since last June. At the time I was waiting for my July box, but it never came…same with my August box…after much back and forth and some very helpful customer service, I received my September Box in November even though it was sent out at the beginning of September! There were some issues with customs for my boxes so they were all being stopped at the border AND traveling by surface resulting in two months of tardiness! It has all been sorted out now, but it took AWHILE! I was not disappointed with September’s box so let’s take a closer look!

Bella Pierre Cosmetics | Celebration Shimmer Powder  DSC_0093
This stunning shimmer powder provides long-lasting, vibrant color without any of the fillers that can cause makeup to fade or smear. Use anywhere you need a little sparkle in your life!

Thoughts: This is a gorgeous caramel-coloured shimmer powder! It’s probably a bit too shimmery for everyday, but I would totally use this is a glitter liner!
Full size: 0.08oz/$15.00
I received: *FULL SIZE*

Body Drench | Lip Drench in Eucalyptus DSC_0094
Drench your lips in 8 hours of vitamin-packed, free radical-fighting hydration with this ultra moisturizing lip balm.

Thoughts: I know, it’s not like I need anymore lip balms especially after my experience with Epic Balm, but I can never say no to a minty lip balm! I have gone through at least two Burt’s Bees Peppermint Lip Balms in the last 2 years so I do love ‘em!
Full size: 0.15oz/$4.99
I received: *FULL SIZE*

Fine Featherheads | Fly TiesDSC_0095
The perfect accessory for any hair type or style, these elastics hair ties won’t pull or tug your hair and they never leave a crease in that gorgeous mane!

Thoughts: I used to think these were completely stupid, but I now think they are fun to wear when milling around at home or running errands. I also use these to put my hair up while sleeping because they are soft and don’t leave a “hair tie kink”. I do think one pack is enough though and a number of beauty boxes have given these out already. 
Full size: 4 pack/$7.95
I received: *FULL SIZE*

Skiin Shop | Skin Smoothing and Soothing Eye CreamDSC_0096
Fight fine lines, dark circles and puffiness with this unique light diffusing eye cream. Just apply day and night to the area around the orbital bone.

Thoughts: We have been seeing this brand A LOT as of late and I do not believe I have seen the eye cream until Beauty Box 5. If it’s nice and thick, I’m all for it! My undereyes are quite dry so I really need thicker eye creams in order for my skin to feel comfortable.
Full size: 15mL/$49.95
I received: 3mL/$9.99

Every Beauty | Makeup Remover Pads with Argan OilDSC_0097
Take the chore out of taking off your eye makeup with these Argan extract infused cotton pads! Just add water and wipe! No rinsing required!

Thoughts: I am most intrigued by this product! All you do is add water and wipe? And your skin is left moisturized with argan oil? Whoa!
Full size: 50 count/$6.99
I received: I actually can’t tell…four? 4 count/$0.56
Total value of September BB5: $38.49
I actually thought this BB5 was decent. A couple of different things to try and it’s hard to find something that I have never seen before like those cotton wipes!

I have more BB5 posts to come because they all started arriving at once!

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