Sothys Paris | Hydra-Glide Lipstick in Rouge Rock

Anytime something has the word “Paris” with it, automatically my expectations shoot through the roof and I expect quality. Sothys Paris is a company that elicits those very expectations from the packaging to their philosophy. Sothys “the brightest star in the sky” as the ancient Egyptians termed it, is primarily a spa-based company with most of their products dedicated to skin and body care. They have even devised an exclusive massage technique that is now used in spas and beauty institutes worldwide. Looking at the website with relaxed-looking people is really making me want to go and experience Sothys in Paris for myself!

Fortunately for beauty lovers, Sothys also has a makeup line that I am excited to share with you all today! The Hydra-Glide Lipstick is a “long-lasting formula that glides on to give absolute comfort”.




Price: 3.5g/$28.50

Packaging: Metallic rose gold with Sothys Paris on the side and its symbol on the cap. The packaging alone felt and looked very luxurious. Sothys has probably some of the most beautiful packaging I have seen in a beauty product for awhile!


Ingredients:  For those of you eco-beauties out there, this lipstick does have propylparaben and mineral oil in it. (I’ll start making a note of those types of ingredients for those of you who like to know!) Sothys does state that all of their products “contain minimum preservatives in the formulas for maximum tolerance and safety: the safety of all Sothys products is scientifically proven and verified by independent toxicological experts”.


The “Rouge Rock” looked pretty scary in the tube, but once I swatched in on my hand and then wore it on my lips it was more muted and almost more like a lip balm in colour payoff.


The first thing to note is that although this is called “hydra-glide”, this is not a lipstick that is greasy and just sliiiiides on to your lips. It is still smooth, but does not apply like a lip balm. I think having a bit more of a wax consistency ties into the longevity of this product.  It does however feel super light on the lips considering the amount of colour this lipstick delivers. I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything! My lips just feel happy and that’s really all I can ask for!


As I mentioned before, this lipstick isn’t greasy or oily so the chances of transfer to food or coffee cups is lower than other lipsticks out there. I kid you not, if it’s just about maintaining my colour, within 8 hours all I need is two applications. Of course, if I pair it with lip gloss than that’s a different story, but just the lipstick on its own? Just twice is all this baby needs.


The price is a little steep, I’ll definitely say that, but the Hydra Glide Lipstick does do what it claims to do and did leave my lips feeling moisturized without being caked with product AND more importantly, had colour that lasted! There are quite a number of other colours in this lipstick line if you are wanting something more neutral so there definitely is a colour for everyone and for all occasions. If you’re on a bit of a budget, you probably don’t NEED this lipstick, but it’s definitely a treat that every woman deserves to at least experience!

PR sample sent for review. All opinions are my own!

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