Sephora | VIB Damage

Now I know that VIB week has come and gone, but since I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s VIB posts from last year and seeing the goods, I figured I wouldn’t deprive you all of that same joy.


I picked up a refill of my almost all used up Dior Diorskin Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond as well as the touted about Dior Gel Top Coat. I also picked up my first Formula X by Sephora polish in Celestial which swatched in the most mind-blowing way! It’s this gorgeous aquamarine glitter that I had to have! The Formula X polishes aren’t the cheapest though at $15 a pop!



The Tarte Off the Cuff Amazonian Clay Palette ($50) was completely sold out online the week of VIB, but I managed to snag one in store. I think this was a great value considering how much the individual blushes retail for and all five colours are ones that I would have wanted anyway! This palette comes with 4 blushes and 1 bronzer as well as a cuff bracelet that is surprisingly cute.




This Bite Beauty Best Bite Set ($28) was a limited edition item for the holidays and is my first Bite Beauty purchase. It is an amazing value for the price and the pigmentation these pencils deliver is nothing short of wow! They also come in a collectible tin with a large mirror inside.


Lastly, these babies were just calling to me right before check out! This is the Laura Mercier Just Bare Mini Lip Glace Collection ($45) which contains 4 mini nude lip glosses in the sweetest shades. I layer my lip gloss most of the time so these shades are perfect for my purposes!

Sorry this is so late, but part of my New Year’s resolutions is to write about what I didn’t get a chance to write about in November and December! Hopefully you all still find this fun to read! Have you any of you tried these products for yourselves?

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