T-mart | Dreambooks Fluorescent Pink Nail Polish with Nail Art

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the cutest Tmart nail art decorations in the form of fimo nail art canes which I had the best time with and will for sure use again for future nail art designs. I had mentioned that in addition to a gazillion different products, Tmart also carries quite a bit of nail polish which proved to be quite dangerous for me! Today I have a very bright fluorescent pink to share with you that unfortunately has no name that I can find, but has the brand name Dreambooks and is VERY BRIGHT! I’m just going to call it Pink. I know, I’m not very creative.


I had a hard time photographing Neon Pink as I wanted to show you all how bright the colour really was so the above photo is with flash and below are in a light box. Please excuse the “moving apartments” cuticles!


I finished off my manicure with some simple black nail studs which I just discovered I had!



Price: 12mL/$6.90 USD

Packaging: Cutely shaped glass bottle with black cap. The brush is nice and wide and picks up quite a bit of polish each time.

Results/Discussion: I needed about 3 full coats to fully eliminate VNL, but I loved the shiny nail polish finish! This nail polish was wonderfully glossy and dried quite quickly even with my three not so thin coats!  I looked like I was sporting gel nails, they were that shiny! I also completely forgot that this was a fluorescent nail polish, went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and got completely freaked out by my glow-in-the-dark nails! The wear time for this polish was decent at around 3 days before I noticed any wear on my right hand. By the time I removed it, my left hand was still looking pristine and it’s not like I sit at home all day just looking pretty with my kitty cats!

Conclusion: 12mL is a decent amount of polish for the price albeit, it’s not the most inexpensive nail polish and let’s face it, we all have paid much more for a bottle of Butter London or Deborah Lippmann! For those of you that go clubbing (I’m way too old at this point to enjoy that type of scene) this will be a fun polish to have just because it gives your nails a fantastically glossy finish, but turn off the lights and you’ve got a party on your nails!

Check out more Tmart nail polish and accessories!  Is fluorescent nail polish your thing?

This is a PR sample sent for review, but there are absolutely NO AFFILIATE links in this post!

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