November 2013 Empties

I’m not going to lie, I made my husband carry these empties to our new apartment. I may not have told him what was inside the box, but he dutifully hauled over all of my beauty products whether they were filled with product or not! Let’s see what I managed to get through for the month of November!


1. Quo | Makeup Remover Wipes (30 wipes) Thumbs down

I wasn’t too pleased with these as my skin didn’t feel clean after using them probably because these are alcohol-free. Anything with alcohol is more drying which I realized I prefer! I liked the size of the wipes and the fact that they were quilted. There are so many wipes in the world that I can afford to be picky and I WANT ONES THAT MAKE MY SKIN FEEL FRESH!

2. Garnier | Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask (1 mask)Thinking smile

I wasn’t so sure about these masks at first as I’m used to my Asian ones, but my experience with this one was not bad. It burned a little bit at the beginning, but after I left this mask on for 20 minutes my skin actually felt quite fresh and renewed! The mask was also quite large so there was no part of my face that didn’t get “masked”! I’m on the fence about this one mainly because I’m not quite sure if I would be ready to give up my Asian masks for this one…it’s also not paraben free.

3. MaskerAide | All Nighter Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask (1 mask)Thumbs up

I always love these and there’s always a MaskerAide mask in my empties because I love them and stocked up LAST Boxing Day in 2012!

4. Bio Beaute by Nuxe | Cleansing Milk with Orange Water (4mL)Thinking smile

I actually enjoyed the scent and how gentle this was on my skin. I only give it a so-so face because I don’t really use cleanser regularly.

5. L’Occitane | Verbena Parfum (0.3mL)Thumbs up

I love this scent in all forms. I find lemon refreshing and L’Occitane definitely does it well!

6. L’Occitane | Repairing Shampoo (6mL)Thinking smile

It was hard to tell what this shampoo was doing for me with a single application. All I can say is that it smelled pleasant. More research required!

7. OPI | Avoplex High Intensity Hand and Nail Cream (0.7mL)Thinking smile

This was a good hand cream as it was highly moisturizing, but I just wasn’t a fan of the scent. I just prefer my hand creams to smell like Cake products or some other type of food!

8. skoah | Neck Serum (3mL)Thumbs up

I have already purchased the full size of this product! So, I don’t think everyone NEEDS a neck serum and it’s not like I will really see any results until MUCH later in life, but this smells like melons (love) and if I can have the neck of 25 year old when I’m menopausal, why not?!

9. skoah | Dewlux Face Kream (3mL)Thumbs up

This has been a favourite of mine in the past and I currently do have a full size that I use only at night as this is a VERY thick moisturizer meant for mature or dry skin.

10.Bio Beaute by Nuxe | Toning Exfoliant with Redcurrent Pulp (7mL)Thumbs up

I didn’t think I would like this, but my skin felt so soft after using this! I’d definitely give this a try once my current exfoliator runs out!

11.&12. Etude House | Collagen Moistfull Firming Eye Cream (1mL)Thumbs up

Love this eye cream because it is thick and hydrating for my dry under eye area. I have so many samples of this stuff from Korean Cosmetics orders that I don’t think I’ll have to buy a full size for awhile, but when I run out I will definitely be doing so!

13. Bioderma | Sensibio Micelle Solution (10mL)Thumbs up

This was in my “wedding makeup bag” for removing my face during our wedding weekend and it will always be a staple in my makeup removing activities. My face feels clean, hydrated and it literally looks and feels just like water. It’s magical!


14. GOSmile | Luxury Toothpaste PM (28g)Thinking smile

I’m undecided about this because I didn’t see a noticeable difference in my teeth so I don’t know if I need a larger size of this toothpaste or if my teeth just cannot get white!

15. Taylor Swift | Eau de Parfum (1.5mL)Thumbs up

I have the full size of this perfume and I enjoy this scent A LOT more than Wonderstruck. Instead of a 15 year old, I smell like I’m 21. I’m cool with that.

16. The Body Shop | Nutriganics Drops of Youth (30mL)Thumbs up

I have reviewed this before and really enjoyed it as a serum. I really felt like this improved the overall texture of my skin and made it brighter.

17. L’Occitane | Verbena Exfoliating Shower Gel (70mL)Thumbs up

As I mentioned above, I love this scent so I would certainly love it in a shower gel as well!

18. Julep | Quick Dry Drops (30mL)Thumbs upThumbs up

I bought 3 bottles of this during the Julep Boxing Day sale in 2012 and am now down to my last bottle! I cannot get enough of this stuff and will use it until the discontinue it or my nails cease to exist!

19. Biotherm | Lait Corporel (20mL)Thumbs up

I have reviewed this moisturizer before and am still loving it to date. It smells like real oranges and comes in both a “regular” and “extra moisturizing” version. I use both depending on the season.

20. Escents Aromatherapy | Basil Lover Hand and Body Lotion (250mL)Thumbs up

I chose the scent of Basil which I know is a little weird, but I love smelling like vegetables :) The consistency is similar to that of the Biotherm Lait Corporel and has Vitamin E and B5 and a whole whackload of essential oils that are guaranteed to relax and rejeuvenate anyone.

21. Osea | Ocean Lotion (30mL)Thumbs up

I have reviewed this moisturizer before and other than the price, the ingredients are just too good to ignore. I don’t worry about what this moisturizer might do to me and would like to try more from this company!

22. Fresh | Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment (4.3g)Thumbs up

I used this stuff up to the VERY LAST DROP. I was using a little scooper to scoop out the product and there is a surprising amount after the lip balm gets flat! For the price, I think I will be doing this with every Fresh product I get!

23. & 24. Coolway | Shampoo & Conditioner (30mL)Thumbs down

These two products because it seemed okay when I was in the shower, but once my hair had dried I found it to be somewhat bleh-looking. I felt like I was supposed to be using these products with something else in order to get the shiny, silky hair I was promised…

See you shortly for December Empties!

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