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After my so-so experience with the imPRESS Press-On Manicure set back in June, I said I would give these press-on manicures another try one day which the MapleVoxBox has allowed me to do! I had an odd experience with the medium length as the nails provided were too large for my nail beds and made my hands look slightly off. When I saw that Influenster had provided a set in the short length, I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to round out my imPRESS experience.




There is also a very tiny nail file and an alcohol wipe included in the box.



Price: Anywhere from $4.99 to $8.99 at local drugstores for 24 nail covers in 12 sizes.

Packaging: The packaging in the little nail polish bottle is AWESOME. I think it is so cute and it doubles as storage for your extra nail covers!


1. Lasts Up to a Week

You will note that there is a little tiny asterisk next to this statement on the box that finishes with “when applied properly”. You can see in the pictures that my nails curve downward while these press-on nails are relatively straight so full contact adherence was an issue. They stuck on easily in the center of my nail, but as I got closer to the tips where the curve was more pronounced, it just stopped working for me. There was so much space between the nail cover and my actual nail that my hair, water and dust would get stuck and eventually the nail covers lost their stickiness. I was able to go grocery shopping and make a sandwich before the thumb nail cover came off – about 5 hours after application.

2. Instant Manicure

Very true. I did these for NYE and in 5 minutes, I had glossy, funky nails! Press-ons without the hassle of glue and they are so much faster to apply than nail wraps! I can easily take 25 minutes PER HAND when applying nail wraps so I think these press-ons are a wonderful time saver as well! You can even file or cut them to your liking which is something I didn’t think was possible.

3. Won’t Damage Nails

I’ve used some nail wraps that actually tear a piece off your natural nail, but not these press-ons! The fact that there is no glue, just an incredibly adhesive surface is key to preserving the integrity of the natural nail.

4. Rivals the Best Gel Polish

In terms of appearance, yes I would agree with this as the design “Hottie” which I am wearing above had a really cool jelly look with an amazing shine. The shine of these press-ons is what I really liked in my previous review as well.

5. Easy Removal

I peeled these off with no problems at all. Just start at the sides and peel sideways. You can’t really reuse them as they no longer have their adhesive backing intact, but I suppose you could always dab nail glue or nail polish underneath if you REALLY wanted to wear them again.

Conclusion: Take note of your nail shape if you are wanting to wear these for longer than a day or two because they will not last on nails that curve downward like mine. I didn’t have this issue with the medium length as the extra length of the nail covers allowed much more of my natural nail to stick to them.

I wanted to have quick and easy party nails which I got in no time at all, so I think if you’re not looking for longevity, have some fun with these! I enjoyed applying them and if you’re not in the mood to do complicated nail art these imPRESS press-ons are of great quality and come in SO MANY different designs! I keep a few in my nail polish toolbox for emergencies!

I received these in my Influenster #MapleVoxBox for review purposes.

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