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We all know nail art is positively huge right now and for those that wish to achieve some of those amazing nail looks, but either don’t have the nail polish library or know where to start, never fear! Kiss is here! Kiss has a few kits for easy DIY nail art that can be done in a jiffy and with very little supervision! One of the easiest, but absolute prettiest nail looks right now is the “gradient” which to this day is my “comfort nail art”. It’s so fast to do, but is stunning to look at! The first step in creating a gradient is just choosing the right colours so Kiss has taken all of the guesswork out of the equation by creating four Gradation Polish Kits with the perfect trio of polishes to ensure that your gradient is seamless. I have the gold kit to share with you today, but there are also pink, black and a blue glitter gradient kits. 








Price: $14.99 CDN

Packaging: Three “perfect gradation” polishes in 6mL bottles that are triangular-shaped.

Results/Discussion: The great thing about sets like these is that you don’t have to go hunting for the perfect polishes to create your gradient – Kiss has already done that for you! I found the polishes to be very easy to work with in terms of application with the brushes being wide enough and fairly flat. The polishes are also numbered so that if you aren’t quite sure how to create your gradient, you need not worry!

As for the actual instructions, I had to take a step back and force myself to think back to when I was a nail art beginner. I followed the instructions on my RIGHT hand and for my LEFT hand (these photos) I used the techniques learned over the last two years to create the gradient.

This Gradation Kit actually incorporates both a COLOUR and GLITTER gradient which for me means two slightly different methods of creating a gradient. According to the instructions on the back of the box, after painting your base colour, you paint your tip colour (no makeup sponge)  about 1/3 of the way down your nail. To get a really nice gradient, try not to be too neat or else you end up getting a firm line which in a gradient isn’t quite what you want. A gradient is all about blurring and softening the lines. I would suggest varying the lengths of your strokes to better achieve this look. The final step involves a glitter polish to smooth out the lines and is to be applied 1/2 of the way down your nail. For glitter it’s always best to concentrate most of the glitter at the very tip of the nail. The glitter polish provided wasn’t too dense so whether you did one or two coats made only a slight difference and didn’t take away from the overall look.

For my left hand, I used a sponge to apply “Step 2” or the second polish and I think the gradient turned out much smoother and softer than on my right hand.

Conclusion: If you don’t have a sponge on hand and this kit was all you had, I think the instructions allow anyone to achieve the gradation look quite easily. It doesn’t take very long, just a few minutes and the polishes are of good quality. I understand that there can’t be TOO many instructions on the back or else people would think the whole process is too complicated, but if kits can include a tiny nail file maybe a tiny sponge could be included as well? Other than that, this kit does work and depending on whether you have champagne taste in polishes, is a decent price for three polishes that compliment each other perfectly and of course can be worn on their own!

KISS Gradation Polishes can be found at Wal-Mart, London Drugs, Target, Jean Coutu, Loblaws and Lawtons.

 PR sample sent for review purposes, but as always, all opinions are MINE!

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