Topbox | December “Lashem” Edition

I will admit that when I got my lash extensions removed I was scared. Scared that all I would be left with were baby lashes or better yet, NO lashes. In anticipation of possible eyelash doom, I decided to go with the Lash Em Topbox which I NEVER thought I would ever do as I have mascaras coming out the wazoo (says Dr. Seuss?). This is a fairly straightforward Topbox as there are only two products inside so let’s get to it!


Double Trouble MascaraDSC_0297

Known as our “intro” mascara, Double Trouble has dual ended brushes with different type of bristles to achieve two types of looks. Both ends contain our advanced volumizing mascara, with one end a feather bristled brush for natural volume and the other end has the short bristle brushes for length. Use both for optimal lash distance.

Thoughts: This was what I was after so we shall see how it does with my lashes! I didn’t end up losing them when I got the extensions removed and to be honest, I don’t miss them all that much. They were too much of a hassle even though they looked lovely 24-7.

Full size: 10mL/$20.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Eyelash and Brow Enhancing SerumDSC_0298

Are you giving your natural lashes a chance to make an appearance? Get the formula that started it all. Infused with safe, powerful peptide treatments and patented QuSome delivery system that provides higher encapsulation and absorption of ingredients, you’ll find this better than false lashes.

Thoughts: I am also interested in trying this, but after a girl at Shoppers told me that she started growing hair at the CORNERS of her eyes as well, I am a little apprehensive. She was applying this serum along her lash line and then going to bed and the excess serum would seep into the corners of her eyes while she slept. I guess it does work, but I just don’t want EXTRA hair in odd places!

Full size: 3mL/$70.00

I received: I have no idea – It just says 2 week supply, but if a full size is just 3mL then I can’t imagine this sample even being 1mL.

Total Value of Lashem Topbox: ~$20.00 (but probably more since the serum is a whopping $23/mL!

If I hadn’t had my fear of what removing my lash extensions would do to my existing lashes, I probably would have just gone for the regular Topbox, but this time I definitely had a purpose! I’m glad that I got a full size mascara as well as a sample of the serum that I hope doesn’t give me a pair of hairy eyes…I will keep everyone posted….or not…

Have any of you tried lash/eyebrow enhancing products? Did they work for you?

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