Born Pretty | Metallic Gold Lattice Water Decals with Nail Art

What would all of us nail art addicts do without Born Pretty? I swear, I love this place and although I have heard some awful stories about shipments not making it/taking months, I have yet to experience less than reasonable customer service for items that I have actually purchased. I even received a replacement bottle of nail polish once when one was missing in my order so even though it does take a month for things to arrive, the prices are just amazing and I am now convinced that ALL nail art supplies should cost what they cost at Born Pretty! Today I have the prettiest latticework nail decals to share with you!



I paired the water decals with Julep-Lena, a creme teal with a very slight gold shimmer, so that the decals would really pop! For my pinky and index nails I used the new satin finish from OPI’s new Gwen Stefani collection Love.Angel.Music.Baby with some black nail studs also from Born Pretty.





Price: $4.99 USD/sheet

Results/Discussion: There isn’t too much to say since I’ve reviewed water decals a number of times and these ones were no different in terms of ease of use. Cut out the pattern you would like to use, dissolve in water and peel off. I peel off the decal with a pair of tweezers and then position the decal where you would like. To make sure there are as few air bubbles as possible, I use a hair dryer to “set” the decal.

The ONLY thing that you might have to watch out for with these decals is that they are on the longer side. They are about 1.3cm at their longest and you can see on my ring finger that a tiny bit of the decal is hanging off my nail.  In order to use the whole decal, you do need reasonably long nails or you can possibly cut them in half and just use part of it.

I am on Day 4 of this manicure and the decals are still going strong (studs disappeared yesterday) so longevity is not to be questioned!

Conclusion: When it comes to water decals on Born Pretty, these are on the upper end in terms of price point, but you can be that if we were to find these in a drug store they would probably be more! I received numerous compliments on the decals and love how intricate they are. These are probably the prettiest nail decals I have ever used and cannot stop dreaming of other manicures to wear them with!


PR sample sent for review, but you guys know I ain’t lying about these!

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