Kiss | Nail Artist Paint and Stencil Kit with Nail Art!

I loved using stencils as a kid and even well into my teenage years when I started collecting Pokémon stencils! The Nail Artist Paint and Stencil Kit from Kiss brought back all of those childhood memories and fed my grown up nail art addiction too! This kit comes with three nail art stripers in: black, white and silver glitter, which are really great staple colours to have as stripers, and 30 vinyl stencils.





What I love about vinyl stencils is how much stretch there is to them as they are fairly resilient and can be re-used. The stencils also have little tabs for easy peel-off.


Price: $14.99

Packaging: Tall nail art striper bottles with rounded silver caps. Sleek like a bullet!

Results/Discussion: Just like with taping, wait until your polish is COMPLETELY dry before applying the stencil! Applying the stencil was very easy as was peeling it off. What I found the most challenging about the “design” process was using a striper brush to fill in the stencil as striper brushes are very very thin. I don’t see this being a problem with the designs that have less area to fill in, but with the flower that I had, I was actually tempted to use a regular polish brush so that I wouldn’t have to use multiple strokes to fill in the stencil. I also tried applying a large globule of polish and using the striper brush to spread the polish around, but applying too much polish causes quite a bit of bleeding and/or bubbling. This leads to a less than crisp edge to your design once the stencil is peeled off.

Conclusion: I would probably use a wider, regular polish brush for stencils that need more “filling”, but for the other patterns that just have only a few open areas, the striper brush will work just fine. Just as long as you don’t drench the stencil in polish, you will be able to re-use them. All I needed to do was peel them off my nail and stick them back on the stencil sheet. I love that even after using the stencils, you can use the striper brushes to create curvy lines and whatever embellishments you might want to add after your inner artist has been awakened! I didn’t go too crazy because I’m not great with free-handing swooshy lines, but I’m sure some of you will have a great time with the stripers!

KISS Nail Kits can be found at Wal-Mart, London Drugs, Target, Jean Coutu, Loblaws and Lawtons.

PR sample sent for review purposes, but as always, all opinions are MINE!

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