November/December 2013 Favourites

When it comes to favourites, I’m going to have to cheat a little bit and combine November and December because moving last month didn’t really give me a chance to truly enjoy any new products nor the brain power to remember what they were. I’m very sure I have forgotten some things, but those can always make their way into January’s favourites!


1. Sally Hansen | Salon Manicure Dry & Go Drops

When I realized I was running low on Julep’s Quick Dry Drops I decided to try this as it is easily found in any drugstore. These Dry & Go Drops certainly work just as well as the Julep ones and hydrate my cuticles a little bit too. The only thing I miss is the wonderful lavender scent that the Julep dry drops had, but other than that, this product really saves me some dry time!

2. Epic Blend | Lip Balm in Hemp Citrus Kick

I do not know where my lips would be without this product! First of all, the scent is like a burst of oranges and lemons and this lip balm is INCREDIBLY hydrating using only good ingredients! I reviewed Epic Balms last month and I still stand by my glowing review! I love these lip balms!

3. Lise Watier | Neiges Eau de Glacier

This bottle is just GORGEOUS with its little snowflakes on the bottle and cap, but I was most surprised with how much I enjoyed the scent! If you are a fan of the CLEAN fragrances, you will love this scent as it has that “soapy”, “laundry” scent to it. I’m not the best at describing things so if you like laundry then just smell this if you can!

4. Pandora’s Lips | Lip gloss in Hayride

This is part of Pandora’s brand new Rexall launch and is described as a “peachy-nude” shade. It has a non-sticky, creamy formula that makes my lips look themselves, but fuller and more plump. This is my go-to lipgloss when I’m running errands or going out briefly for a “casual glam” look.

5. Lush | Santa’s Lip Scrub

Edible hearts, taste like cola and is bright red? Count me in, this is an great product! I think all lip scrubs pretty much work the same way, but what really sets them apart is scent and taste. I loved the extra detail with the edible hearts and happily used this all holiday season!

6. Lancome | Gloss in Love in 351

This is a dusty pink lipgloss with a silvery shimmer throughout making for a great neutral lip colour with just a hint of ‘je ne sais quoi”. I wear this colour almost daily layered with lipstick.

7. Benefit Cosmetics | Gimme Brow

This product is just so damn cool! I picked this up in November during a Benefit gala at Shoppers and could not believe the results! Gimme Brow has the consistency of a mascara and comes with a little wand that you brush onto your brows. The formula allows little fibers to build filling in all the gaps and the best part is that you can never over do it! I just keep building and building until I have the brows I want! This is a MUST HAVE for me now. I’ve used it everyday since and purchased another one as a back up!

Have you tried any of my favourites? What did you think?

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