AROMATHERAPY | Saje Natural Wellness Diffuser Blends in After the Rain, Peppermint Twist and Gratitude

The last time I talked about essential oils was way back in 2012 in a lone favourites post (here) and maybe I stopped talking about them because I didn’t feel like they were “beauty” enough. Well, it’s 2015 now and I feel like beauty blogging has slowly morphed into lifestyle posts because let’s face it, beauty products and trends have become an overwhelming part of my life and although I wanted to keep them separate at the beginning, when I blog now, I feel like I’m just writing a journal. It just so happens to be about beauty products MOST of the time!

Sage Natural Wellness Peppermint Twist After The Rain Gratitude Diffuser Blend

I don’t talk about my health a whole lot, but I am a worrier or a true Cancer for those of you who believe in that type of thing. I’ve never been one for astrology, but it’s shocking how accurate it is for me. I consider myself fairly healthy with my main bad habit being lack of exercise and eating potatoes, but ever since I was a toddler, I have had random stomach issues and once I hit Grade 12, migraines and tension headaches. I have headaches every day and because they happen so frequently I don’t notice them anymore unless they start to make me feel sick. My stomach usually feels uncomfortable at any given point during the day, but I love food so much that I just wait for the nausea to pass and continue with my day or my meal! For anyone that hangs out with me socially, I rarely eat a lot when I am out in public for fear that I will feel sick and need to lie down. Both the headaches and stomach aches are 90% triggered by anxiety or sometimes just out of nowhere which can be incredibly frustrating. I don’t like taking medication for ANYTHING and when someone suggested peppermint essential oil for my headaches a couple of years ago I figured, why not? It worked so beautifully that my love affair with essential oils began.

The scientist in me refuses to believe in the holistic and healing side of essential oils or that they possess vibrational frequencies capable of healing, but maybe a small part of me was one with nature in a past life because they have been a massive part of my life in the last couple of years. I ALWAYS have peppermint oil in my house with a backup 30mL bottle to spare and every holiday season, I always have to pick up a more seasonal version of peppermint which is what brought me to the recently opened Park Royal Village Saje Wellness location. After smelling, I kid you not, every essential oil they had, I decided on three diffuser blends: Gratitude, After the Rain and Peppermint Twist. I use all of my essential oils in a nebulizer with the exception of peppermint that I rub on my temples and back of my neck during headache time.

Gratitude ($14.95CDN) is a blend of orange and vanilla essential oils with a hint of spearmint and black pepper. There is a bit of an earthiness to it thanks to rosewood and sage and is sweetened by vanilla-scented benzoin. I tend to gravitate towards mint and citrus so gratitude was the perfect hybrid. The spearmint clears my head and the sweetness of the orange and vanilla take care of my sweet tooth.

After the Rain ($14.95 CDN) may have been a bit of an emotional purchase as Yoshi was going downhill at the time and despite the happy mask of social media, I was very upset for most of the holiday season. This has top notes of balsam fir and pine as well as wild bergamot, spearmint and peppermint. If I’m stressed or have just had a long day, THIS is my favourite scent. KC also doesn’t like solid mint so the woodsy scent makes this blend a winner for both of us.

Peppermint Twist ($14.95 CDN) is no longer in stock because it was a seasonal blend, but I’m sure it will be back during the holidays. This is a blend of peppermint, orange, spearmint and benzoin and is similar to Gratitude, but not quite as sweet. This just puts me in the mood for the holidays and although it doesn’t do a lot for a headache, it does wake me up.

I also use lavender essential oil to keep myself AND the cats calm when they’re alone at home. They usually just sleep once I turn on the nebulizer so at least I know they aren’t tearing up the place in my absence! Do you use essential oils? If so, which scents are your favourite? 

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