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Oh my! It has been EONS since I have done a hair product review! For awhile there, it was shampoo after shampoo, but I started getting REALLY selective after getting my hair coloured. When I was approached by Live Clean to try some of their haircare, keeping my colour intact while nourishing my now drier hair was my main priority and they reassured me that the Age Resist Collection would be perfect for my needs. With the same eco-friendly formulations as Live Clean’s other haircare lines, Age Resist targets the symptoms of aging hair like: dullness, lack of shine, dryness and loss in hair density. Apparently, your hair is BEST in your 20s and starts to lose some of its natural lustre in your 30s thanks to a decrease in sebum. Seriously, in Biblical times when we all lived until 40, we wouldn’t have even seen the need for a haircare line like this one! I actually have noticed consistent dryness in my hair even before colouring it and although I have my favourites, I still find myself having to switch up my haircare a bit every month or so. I’ve never believed that hair can “get used to something”, but it really does seem to happen…

Live Clean Age Resist Collection Review

Live Clean Age Resist Age Shampoo and Conditioner Review

The Age Resist Shampoo*($8.99 CDN) and Conditioner*(8.99 CDN) is paraben, SLS, sulfate, phthlate, phosphate and petroleum-free and is formulated with plant-based silicones to leave hair feeling clean and enriched with certified organic rosehip oil. Both also contain an “Anti-Oxi Fruit Blend” of pomegranate, goji and blueberry extracts that start right at the top of the ingredients list! Since mature/coloured hair can be super dry and damaged, avocado oil is present to moisturize and hydrolyzed wheat protein thickens and gives hair some “oomph”.

Being that this is such an incredibly hydrating duo, both the shampoo and conditioner are especially thick in consistency. The conditioner I actually keep permanently upside down even though the bottle is relatively full because it’s almost like a paste. This ALSO means that you have to be REALLY good about rinsing it out. The first time I used the conditioner, I didn’t rinse it out well enough and there was a bit of residue left at my roots.

Live Clean Age Resist Multi 10 in 1 Treatment Review  Live Clean Age Resist Multi 10 in 1 Treatment Review (2)

Age Resist Multi 10 in 1 Treatment* ($8.99 CDN) is like one of those hair BB creams. It does it all! It hydrates, protects, repairs, softens, adds shine, strengthens, smoothes, tames the frizzies, makes hair more manageable and is supposed to protect against UV rays. I don’t really understand the science of hair, so I’m not so sure about the UV part, but everything else sure! As I have mentioned before, I take my showers at night so the only hair product I’m willing to put on my hair before sleeping is hair oil. I don’t need to style it so products like these tend to be lost on me. For the sake of testing though, I used this product instead of my hair oil before going to bed on damp hair and didn’t really see too much of a difference with or without it.

Live Clean Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil

Live Clean Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil (2)

Live Clean Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil (3)

This was a fun one. Dual phase coloured liquid aside, I quite enjoyed the Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil* ($11.99 CDN) as a pre-shampoo/mask style treatment. You shake up the oil, spread it all over your hair and leave it in for 5-10 minutes. I especially concentrate on the ends of my hair. From the little I do know about hair, pre-shampoos cannot have mineral oil in them as it is unable to penetrate into the hair shaft. This oil contains safflower, jojoba, oat and avocado oil as well as rosehip extract all meant to “waterproof” the hair from absorbing water and drying it out. Kind of like, when we wash our hands too much, they get super dry, but use hand cream with a ton of skin-penetrating oil and they won’t feel quite so dry after washing.

Final Verdict: With me trying to shampoo my hair less often, I am usually dying by Day 2. My scalp starts to itch a little bit and gets dry and flaky. It’s very strange, so knowing that this duo would be more hydrating I waited to see what would happen. Low and behold, I can now make it to THREE days without washing my hair! My scalp felt completely normal and my hair did not feel greasy. The Nutrition Oil was another favourite of mine and I’d continue to use something like this even with other brands of shampoo. The 10 in 1 treatment may have been a miss for me, but bottom line, if you’ve got some seriously dry/mature hair and don’t feel like using a shampoo/conditioner that’s so thick it takes ages to wash out? Give Live Clean’s Age Resist a go!

Live Clean Age Resist Collection can be found across Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws and Wal-Mart!

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