BATH & BODY | *NEW* Limited Edition Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection Poppy Seed Scrub & Body Butter Review

I did not receive these quite in time for Valentine’s Day to review, but the Body Shop has a very different, surprisingly pleasant scent to share with us for a limited time. The Smoky Poppy Collection is made with genuine, hand-picked poppy flowers from Ankara, Turkey and is unlike most Body Shop scents in that this is one of the most sensually-scented bath and body collections I have ever experienced from them! I had no idea what to expect in terms of scent and was anticipating a blast of floral something, but what I got instead was a smoky, floral that sort of stunned me!  

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection Review

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection Body Butter Review  
The Smoky Poppy Body Butter* ($20.00 CDN) is the classic Body Shop shea butter base and actually smells more creamy/floral than smoky. If you haven’t used a TBS Body Butter before, know that they are quite hydrating with results lasting well into the next day so you won’t need to reapply the next day.  

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Collection Poppy Seed Scrub Review

The Poppy Seed Scrub* ($20.00 CDN) is one of those hydrating body scrubs and gently exfoliates with real poppy seeds. Now, the scrub DEFINTELY smelled smoky and I’ve always been fascinated by how “smoke” can be captured as a scent. As you use this scrub, it slowly melts into your skin so you could potentially get away without moisturizing afterwards. It does leave the tub a little slippery so watch your step coming out! The scent seemed almost more “smoky” in the shower combined with the steam making it ever more sultry of a fragrance. The distribution of poppy seeds isn’t very dense so if you’re looking for a deep scrub, you might not be satisfied with this, but for those that prefer a more gentle body scrub OR just cannot get enough Smoky Poppy then ENJOY!

Go have a sniff while the Smoky Poppy collection is still in stores because it is a scent like no other! It ain’t Satsuma!

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