MAKEUP | Sephora Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set Review

In my last SEPHORA brush collection review (here), I had mentioned that I wasn’t all that picky about my brushes as long as they got product where they needed to be and didn’t have bristles that felt like my husband’s beard. Well, it seems I have a FAR better reference point now. It’s like not knowing what sex was until…the SEPHORA Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set*($93.00 CDN)! Now, I’m not saying the other brush set was bad, this one is just more of an experience…

And now that I have sexualized this review, let us continue with the why. The Pocket Professionals set is comprised of five mini versions of Sephora’s bestselling Pro brush collection to help anyone achieve a truly airbrushed finish. These mini versions are about 5 inches long from tip to bristles and are a mixture of both synthetic and animal hair. They also come in a cute little faux leather clutch.

Sephora Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set Review Sephora Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set Review (2)

Sephora Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set Review (3)

Sephora Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set Review (4) 
Brushes Included (Top to Bottom):

PRO Brow 20.5 (synthetic and natural ox brush hairs)
PRO Brow Comb 21.5 (natural boar and metal)
PRO Airbrush Concealer 57.5 (synthetic brush hairs)
PRO Shadow 14.5 (pony and ox brush hairs)
PRO Airbrush 55.5 (synthetic brush hairs)

I didn’t know what the .5 meant, but after looking on the Sephora website, it seems to indicate “mini” versions. All of these brushes are also cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

Sephora Pocket Professionals Mini Pro Airbrush Set Review (5)

PRO Brow 20.5

When it comes to drawing in my brows, I am afraid this is one thing I do not do. I am fortunate to have a complete brow shape even if it could be thicker. I just do not have the patience to do it on a daily basis, but based on the other brow brushes I do have, my brows could not tell the difference between those of natural ox and synthetic brush hairs.

PRO Brow Comb 21.5

I definitely do not have the brows to even warrant a metal comb, but I’m guessing the PRO series is also for makeup artists who may have clients with longer brow hairs that may need taming. The boar bristles I found very nice for the final “groom down” after applying brow gel whether it’d be clear or tinted.

PRO Airbrush Concealer 57.5

I confess that I probably would have used this for eyeshadow if I hadn’t read up on what all of these brushes were called. Now, THIS brush is where I started to realize what I had been missing out on. It is so unbelievably soft and when I DID use it for concealer, the area under the eye is so delicate that the bristles felt SO UNBELIEVABLE on my skin. I’d probably use this brush for more than just concealer for sure. These bristles should be well loved!

PRO Shadow 14.5

OMG. This brush is amazing. This brush picks up and deposits the perfect amount of eyeshadow. At first I thought the small size of the brush head would make eyeshadow application tedious, but what I realized was that the smaller size made it perfect for lining the lower lash line with shadow. Almost like a larger smudge brush!

PRO Airbrush 55.5

I looked at this brush a LONG time before taking the plunge and using it to buff in my liquid foundation. I didn’t want to get it dirty because it just looked too perfect! It buffed in my foundation seamlessly maybe even a little better than my Beauty Blender…I have yet to use this with mineral or powder foundation, but I have a feeling the finish will be just as seamless and airbrushed in appearance.

Final Verdict: It’s expensive. I was not expecting $93, but maybe that’s because I’m such a makeup brush virgin that I don’t understand pricing yet. Is it because they are miniatures that I think that? Maybe? If I were to buy just two of these brushes at full size, it would easily be $100 so logically, this set of five brushes actually is a GREAT value provided you’re going to use at least TWO of the brushes consistently. The tactile difference between these PRO brushes and the last ones I reviewed was immediately obvious and now that I have had a chance to compare both, the PRO series would be my preference now that I seem to stick to the same brushes for every makeup look. I also washed all of them (except the brow brush) with the BrushEgg and lost zero brush hairs. There also wasn’t any shedding on my face which is SO ANNOYING when it does happen. My only gripe with this set is that I wish this came with a proper brush holder with slots, but other than that I love it and want to take care of these brushes with all of my heart and soul.

Are you guys like this with your really pricey makeup brushes? I am obsessed with cleaning these right away!

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