THE BODY SHOP | Coconut and Mango Hand Cream Review

How many of you were saying “Where have you been all this time?!” when The Body Shop released their line of travel sized hand creams in all of our favourite scents? Like Pokemon, I had to catch ‘em all and in the end my final hand cream count sat at four. With a shea butter and almond oil base, these hand creams offer quick hydration using a light cream-gel formula. I had initially received the scents Mango*($10.00 CDN) and Coconut* through a PR package, but quickly added Satsuma and Pink Grapefruit to the mix as these are two of my favourite scents of all time from The Body Shop.

The Body Shop Coconut and Mango Hand Cream

The Body Shop Coconut and Mango Hand Cream (2)

Final Verdict: The scents are what roped me in because these hand creams are such natural extensions of the existing Body Shop bath and body line. The cream-gel texture offers non-greasy hydration, but isn’t the most moisturizing hand cream I have ever used. In comparison to Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream, this doesn’t come close so it really depends what you are looking for. Personally, I find hand cream like the Hemp Hand Cream to be too much for daily use and prefer to use it almost exclusively at night because it takes a very long time to absorb. During the day, I want a hand cream that absorbs quickly and takes away any discomfort and dryness which are these hand creams right here! My ONLY complaint is the packaging which I have seen with other hand creams and just do not understand why it’s used! I cannot stand the screw off cap. I find them finicky and would prefer just a regular toothpaste style cap. Maybe those types of caps aren’t stylish enough, but they sure make things easier to open and close!

Don’t lie, how many of these hand creams have you guys picked up? ;-)

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