NAILS | New York Color Strip Me Off Base Coat Review + Peel Porn Photos

Many of you were curious as to how well the NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat* performed and just like you, I could not wait to test this out for myself! I have been using Elmer’s Glue under glitter polishes for quick removal, but the one thing that always bothered me was the fact that if I washed my hands a lot, I would lose whole pieces of nail polish within 24-36 hours. I had to be SO careful with my nails so I have been looking for an alternative that would give me more time with my polish and not worry about losing my “nails” in people’s cars (yes, it happened!)!

NYC Color Strip Me Off Base Coat Review NYC Color Strip Me Off Base Coat Review (3) 
All you need is one coat of this base coat for the peelable magic to happen. Once matte, you know the base coat has dried and you can now paint normally with your nail polish colour of choice. When the time comes for removal, you can either use a cuticle stick or the edge of another nail to lift a corner or edge of the nail you’d like to remove.

NYC Color Strip Me Off Base Coat Review (2)

*POP* off it comes! (My nails always look a little dry after removal, so don’t think they’re damaged by the base coat!)

Final Verdict: I use my hands a lot around the house and my right thumb nail started peeling after just one night. When I opened a package, half of it peeled off. Knowing that I had to work the next day, I could not deal with the one peeled off nail so I decided to take them all off after 36 hours. I think if you are really careful, your polish will last a few days, but on me I really can’t see it going past 4 days. As for how easily my polish was able to come off? Oh, it’s a super easy process and oddly enjoyable! Glitter polish is a breeze to remove and base coats like this tempt me to hold massive swatch-a-thons, but I enjoy nail polish way too much to only have it only my nails for a few minutes. All in all, this base coat is well worth the money, but don’t think you’ll get a week of wear out of your polish. Instead, you are more or less sacrificing wear time for ease of removal.

So, who’s interested? Who has tried the Elmer’s Glue method?

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