MAKEUP | *CBB Feature Brand* New for Spring - NYC Expert Last Satin Matte Lip Color Review & Swatches

Drugstore makeup has been blowing my mind in the last year and there are honestly times when I think to myself, “Why AM I paying double or even triple for the same product at Sephora or a department store?” Yes, sometimes it comes down to prettier packaging or a cool mechanism, but for the most part it’s all about the guts of the product. For Spring, New York Color Cosmetics released five new additions to their Expert Last Lip Color ($1.99 CDN) collection: Red Suede*, Pure Coral*, Velvety Fuchsia*, Creamy Mauve* and Smooth Beige* all of which scream “Put me on your lips, NOW!”

New York Color NYC Expert Last Lip Color Swatches Review

New York Color NYC Expert Last Lip Color Swatches Review (2)

There is a slight sweet scent to the lipsticks and although the product name lists them as “matte”, I wouldn’t call them as such mainly because of what matte has come to mean in beauty products. Your lips won’t be dry (if anything quite the opposite!) or need a good round of exfoliation prior to application. The finish is like a classic lipstick with a more velvety finish.

New York Color NYC Expert Last Lip Color Swatches Review (3)

These swatches are one swipe aka VERY PIGMENTED. I wore Velvety Fuchsia in my Demi Lovato look here, but believe me, when I saw how beautifully these swatched I was tempted to do some gradient action and wear ALL THE COLOURS!

Final Verdict: These lipsticks are $1.99 and perform comparably to some of the other higher priced pigmented lip colours on the market. Wear time is actually quite decent at around 4 hours for me, but keep in mind they are not transfer resistant, so when I ate that sandwich while wearing Velvety Fuchsia, I’m positive I ate Velvety Fuchsia too. They do feel quite hydrating for the type of finish they provide on the lips and I am grateful that they don’t dry my lips out like other matte lip products. My only qualm? The lipsticks don’t wind down, so I’m constantly having to make sure that I don’t smush the lipstick with the cap! I know we’ve all been there so even though these lipsticks are incredibly affordable, I’d rather not have a lipstick with its head chopped off. Other than that, I am thoroughly pleased with how these have performed because With products like these, you can still look on trend without having to spend a serious amount of money. Woohoo!

Have you chosen a drugstore product over its high end sibling?

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