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Back in June, I got a closer look at beauty brand Clove + Hallow and I was excited because not only was this brand a green beauty brand, but it had also taken home awards for performance and innovation rivaling their non-green counterparts! While I haven't sworn off non-green products in their entirety, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is always open to including cleaner products in their beauty routine. After seeing a few Toronto beauty blog reviews on Clove + Hallow, I knew that I would eventually have to try it while hoping and praying that it would eventually be sold by a store in Vancouver (it is currently sold at The Detox Market now). Hopefully that will be happening sometime soon?

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Founded by makeup artist, Sarah Biggers, Clove + Hallow was borne out of a personal journey of a debilitating illness that forced Sarah to look into a path of naturopathic medicine and a slew of lifestyle changes. Sarah was at the Clove + Hallow event in Vancouver and was so down to earth (and young!) that I had no idea she was the founder and creator behind each and every product. She helped me get matched with my foundation (which is TOUGH in the basement of Chambar) and was so brutally honest about formulations and why certain products are tougher to create clean like black eyeliner and mascara!

All Clove + Hallow products follow the Clean 15 Beauty Formulation which kind of amazes me since the performance of all of these products is no different (sometimes better!) to me than the KVD, Dior and Too Faced products of the world and all at a reasonable price point. The most expensive makeup item in the Clove + Hallow repertoire is $22 USD for the FOUNDATION. Compared to the what I traditionally pay for foundation, this is a total steal and it performed brilliantly!

The Pressed Mineral Foundation Refill* ($22.00 USD) and Foundation Compact* ($8.00 USD) are sold separately so if you have a Z-Palette you do not need to purchase the compact. The compact has a magnetic bottom and a little pinhole so you can pop it out once you have hit pan saving the environment from a little bit more plastic! I am the shade 4 and it is PERFECT. I often get foundations that make me a look a little more tanned, but shade 4 is the true me and applies so seamlessly with buildable, medium coverage. It is fantastic and one of my favourite pressed foundations I have come across since my beloved MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish!

The Conceal + Correct* ($18.00 USD) liquid concealer has been said to rival the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but because I have never used the NARS one, I can't really say if that is true, but what I can say is that this concealer feels incredibly lightweight for the amount of s*** it covers! I rarely use concealer because of how thick they all are, but this just felt like an extension of my skin. The shade I am featuring is Shade 3, but I think I should be a 2 as this shade is a bit dark on me.

The award-winning Lip Glaze ($15.00 USD) currently comes in six shades and reminds me so much of the Stila one. I chose the neutral pink shade Angelic* and which is a fairly non-sticky gloss with a decent amount of pigmentation. It does wear off fairly quickly though so I prefer to use this type of gloss as a layering one.

One thing I should mention about this product and the upcoming lipstick is the heftiness of the packaging. The matte white finish lends itself to that minimalist look that is very trendy right now in flatlay land and also feels luxurious to use.

The Lip Creme ($20.00 USD) comes in nine pigmented shades and has a creamy finish. I chose the shade Sugared Plum* since I love a good purple, but honestly I wouldn't mind having all nine shades in my collection! Wear time was good comfortably lasting around 4 hours and I actually really like layering this with Angelic. The packaging is a luxe aluminum with a magnetic closure that lines up your CLOVE + HALLOW which I thought only $40+ lipsticks could have!

Ooooh this Lip Velvet ($18.00 USD) is where the party's at! There are currently seven shades ranging from neutral to blue. Yes, BLUE! While I could have chosen something a little more everyday, the number of compliments I got when I wore this shade Fiesta* and the ONE time I need to touch up the inside of my lips after I eat lunch is more than enough to convince me that I can pull off this shade during the day! The pigmentation in one swipe is beautiful and I don't even need to double-dip the wand to get my one swipe of perfect colour. I would DEFINITELY get more shades down the road should I ever *need* more lipstick!

I put together a very simple look using the Pressed Mineral Foundation, the Lip Creme in Sugared Plum topped off with the Angelic Lip. I also look forward to the day Clove + Hallow has eye and cheek products though the Lip Cremes CAN be used as a creme blush if you're in a rush!

Final verdict: My first experience with Clove + Hallow was definitely a positive one with the pressed foundation and lip products ranking as my favourites. I am glad they have made their way into the Canadian market through Canadian e-tailers, but I have my fingers crossed that a super cool indie boutique in Vancouver will carry it because I really think this is a line of products that everyone should experience. The price point is accessible and the quality makes you forget you are even using a green beauty product! This is a prime example that green beauty can have the quality of something luxurious with that affordable, indie price point.

You can find Clove + Hallow at The Detox Market and

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