KBEAUTY | VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Must-Haves with Swatches

Last week I was raving about the VDL Lumilayer Primer, but I have also been enjoying some lip goodies that came highly recommended and thankfully I agree! It's always so disappointing when products are bestsellers and then you use them and you don't understand what the hype was all about. I have always been the eternal pessimist so I generally think products (and people really) are crap until proven otherwise. I am happy to report that all went well with these VDL Expert Color Lip Cubes and I hope more shades become available at The Face Shop! 

PR samples (credit given and products and shades chosen by me)

I like a matte lip, but we all know what a risk they pose in terms of comfort and now that matte lip products have been out on the market for a few years, I feel the formulas have gotten better and the Fluid Velvet Lip Cube* is no exception. This is a matte velvet finish with a very smooth "one-swipe" across the lips and looks a bit cushiony and "blurry" in finish. I chose the colour "Flower Dust" which I felt was a darker, but more wearable neutral shade. It lasts all day, but if I eat I find that the colour fades a bit, but not enough where I am wanting to reach for a touch-up. By the end of a 9 hour day, I did need a bit of lip balm though as my lips felt a bit dry, but this is sort of a given side effect of matte lip colours.

The next lip product I have been enjoying for summer has been the Fluid Tattoo Lip Cube* in the shade "Dragon Fruits", a super bright and stunning fuchsia stain. This colour not only applies with such pigment and in such a thin layer, but it stays locked on the lips until you say "enough is enough"! I have to use TWO passes of my Aritaum oil-based lip and eye makeup remover that I adore because it really does remove waterproof eye and lip makeup without irritating my eyes or lips. This is a tough stain and once it dries down it looks great with a clear gloss whenever I feel a bit dry.

I will admit that I picked this Lip Cube Marble Glow in Mint Flavor* because of the marble effect, but it also smells and feels really good on the lips! The scent is minty, but more like a candy sweet mint and when applied on the lips feels like a light balm with a slight tingle. There is no colour to this lip product, but it is a fun lip balm to use with a precision tip to give my lips the perfect coverage.

Note that for the photos below, I am FULLY aware that my foundation is lighter than the rest of my body because I was trying use ONLY Asian products for my face for the sake of this post, but we all know that Asian cushions only come in super light shades so No.23, which is my winter shade, is currently not working for me!

Fluid Velvet in Flower Dust

Fluid Tattoo in Dragon Fruits

Final verdict: All in all, these first three lip products from VDL have proven to be a success and pricing was about $18-$25 which is a little on the higher end for what I normally pay for Korean cosmetics, but then again VDL is a more luxurious brand than the fun, playful stuff I normally pick up. I thought the quality was equivalent if not better than some of the lip products I have used from "white people brands" and I look forward to picking up more!

You can find VDL at The Face Shop.

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