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When it comes to skincare, while I love the luxurious pampering sessions of serenely massaging serums and moisturizers, I also love being amused. Bubble masks became big two years ago in the North American beauty world and it just has not stopped since! Last month I became one of the beauty ambassadors for Canadian brand MaskerAide (aka I am now a #MaskerAideBabe) which felt like a fitting partnership as it is obvious I love my sheet masks! I used my first MaskerAide sheet mask five years ago after receiving it in a TopBox and it has been a match made in heaven ever since!

MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

PR samples

Bubble Bubble Pop* ($7 CDN each) was released in April of this year and for those of you getting Hyuna vibes, you're not alone! I'm SURE this Kpop song was the inspiration for the name of this mask! As you may have guessed, this is a charcoal bubble sheet mask which acts to purify, detoxify and deep clean the skin with oxygen-activated BUBBLES!

MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

Though this is one of the longer sheet mask ingredient lists I have come across, the featured ingredients of tea tree and MaskerAide's "7 Sprout Complex" (green tea, wheat extract, arugula, spirulina, ginko, broccoli extract and alfalfa) are in the top half of the list which is a plus. I do not use a ton of clarifying or detoxifying sheet masks mainly because I choose to detox with acid treatments, but sometimes it's hard to say no to bubbles!

MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

Ingredients: Aqua/Water/Eau, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Apple Amino Acids, Dipropylene Glycol, Methyl Perfluorobutyl Ether, Methyl Perfluoroisobutyl Ether, Disiloxane, Fraxinus Rhynchophylla Extract, Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract, Eruca Sativa Leaf Extract, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Sprout Extract, Brassica Oleracea Italica (Broccoli) Sprout Extract, Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa) Leaf Extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Extract, Adansonia Digitata Fruit Extract, Sargassum Muticum Extract, Hypnea Musciformis Extract, Ulva Lactuca Extract, Ecklonia Cava Extract, Codium Tomentosum Extract, Agarum Cribrosum Extract, Enteromorpha Compressa Extract, Laminaria Japonica Extract, Dunaliella Salina Extract, Sargassum Fulvellum Extract, Porphyra Yezoensis Extract, Fucus Vesiculosus Extract, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Spirulina Platensis Extract, Jania Rubens Extract, Gelidium Cartilagineum Extract, Euglena Gracilis Extract, Macrocystis Pyrifera (Kelp) Extract, Undaria Pinnatifida Extract, Codium Fragile Extract, Laminaria Cloustoni Extract, Cladosiphon Okamuranus Extract, Chlorella Minutissima Extract, Hizikia Fusiforme Extract, Salicornia Herbacea Extract, Plankton Extract, Pikea Robusta Extract, Hydrolyzed Ulva Lactuca Extract, Haematococcus Pluvialis Extract, Laminaria Digitata Extract, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Panthenol, C12-14 Pareth-12, Sodium Polyacrylate, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Hexylene Glycol, Trideceth-6, Glycerin, Disodium Edta, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Water, Macrocystis Pyrifera (Kelp) Protein, Chlorella Ferment, Hydrolyzed Enteromorpha Compressa, Butylene Glycol, Parfum (Fragrance), 1,2-Hexanediol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Limonene

MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

To first use the mask, rub the package vigorously to activate and when you take out the mask and expose it to air, it will start to bubble. The bubbles can make the mask slippery so unfolding can be a challenge. I advise working quickly! The actual mask material does not contain any artificial pigments and felt much softer than I thought it would and was incredibly stretchy and formed to my face easily. The bubbles are pretty amazing and it was very amusing to "hear them" as I was moving around the apartment. I removed the mask around the 10 minute mark, massaged the excess bubbles all over my face, neck and decollete and promptly hopped into the shower to rinse off.

MaskerAide Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask

Mask Summary:

Scent: Lightly lemon
Duration: 5 -10 minutes
Thickness: Thin
Mask Fit: Stretchy material made for perfect fit
Tackiness: Zero as this was a wash off mask
Hydration: Not applicable, but skin felt a bit dry because mask was so clarifying 

Final verdict: My skin looked so much brighter after I washed off the bubbles! A little tight, but definitely brighter! I totally forgot to take photo, but I did show off my skin on IG stories. Though bubble masks are not the usual for me, I would use this again if I felt my skin needed a good purge especially between seasons. It also seems like a fun activity to mask in groups and get a good laugh!

You can find the Bubble Bubble Pop Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask at and be sure to  use the code "JAYNE20" to save 20% on your order (this code is non-affiliate)!

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