HOLIDAY | Massive LUSH Love Part 1 #LushChristmas

At this time last year, I was pretty chill. I chose to work part-time for the first time in my life and was using the excess energy to develop Cosmetic Proof. Fast forward to now and I'm back to 45+ hour work weeks and just breathless from trying to keep up with all of these AMAZING holiday releases! I have some pretty epic Lush stuff to share with you all and I have split it into two posts so that all of my wild ramblings are somewhat digestible.

Ah, Lush is not Lush without their work-of-art bar soaps! The classic Yog Nog* (100g/$6.95 CDN) is one that I bought last year and can never get over how comforting I find the nutmeg scent. It is a very festive scent and reminds me of marzipan and almonds. It also feel deliciously creamy against the skin. During the Lush Christmas event this year, we were all introduced to two new soap additions: Old Father Time* (100g/$6.95 CDN) and Reindeer Rock* (100g/$6.95 CDN) which again both smell fantastic! OFT is made with sage, thyme and redcurrant and be sure to grab a piece with the gold "cogs of time" on it. It just looks prettier :-) Reindeer Rock is made with lingonberries and smells tarte and juicy. It is the perfect Christmas soap!

The first time I played with FUN, I was able to channel what inner creativity I had to create a Snowman and this year, we have the opportunity to have some "fun" and create our very own Santa with the Santa Fun* ($6.95 CDN) kit! Made with jasmine and ylang ylang, you will probably want to have some egg nog and sleep after creating your perfect Santa specimen.

Some of you may have seen the highly amusing Instagram video (here) I posted of the fun I was having with the Snowman Shower Jelly* (100mL/$6.95 CDN) and his jiggly belly! This is one of the first times I have fully extracted a Lush Shower Jelly from it's container and it was the most amazing moment ever. Even my husband was laughing when this big guy's belly wouldn't stop shaking! Snowman is a fruity blend of buchu oil, bergamot and Sicilian lemon oils in a glycerin and seaweed base. It isn't an overly fruity scent and would be the perfect gift for someone who doesn't necessarily like super sweet scents.

Santa's Belly Shower Jelly* (100mL/$6.95 CDN) has a a great shake to it too and even has little biodegradeable stars built right in! The scent of this shower jelly truly reminds me of Christmas because of the apple and grape juices - like wine! You will actually feel THIRSTY after sniffing this seasonal delight!

Stay tuned for more Christmas goodies from Lush! I've been busy that I might have to bombard you all with much Lush love!

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