HOLIDAY | Avon in My Stocking!

There are so many stocking stuffers to choose from that I'm pretty sure people have MULTIPLE stockings at this point! Yesterday, I shared on Instagram just one of many stocking stuffers available through Avon (here) and today are the rest! One thing people don't know is that Avon has a lot more than just beauty products! I myself own a lovely pair of coral shoes and a bag so don't be surprised if you see other Avon products that are outside the beauty realm in 2016!

I was not expecting Avon to carry litte electronic gadgets like these Retractable Earbuds* ($9.99 CDN), Power Charger with Flashlight* ($24.99 CDN) or this Selfie Remote* ($9.99 CDN)! The Power Charger was my favourite products as it is a portable charger that includes a number of adapters for almost any of your electronic devices that need a bit of extra juice. It even doubles as a flashlight (albeit on the dim side)!

The Retractable Earbuds did not quite work for me as my ear canals must either be very deep or the buds too short as they fell out of my ear easily. Sound quality was decent, but I felt like some sound "escaped". The Selfie Remote feels a little flimsy and I had a lot of trouble removing the back to put the battery in. When I finally got it off and tried to put it back on, it did not sit flat so the connection with battery is somewhat intermittent. I also couldn't get it to connect with my phone's bluetooth so...but the idea is great and if I can get it to work, I'd seriously use it!

Now the actual beauty stuffs! Avon had some incredibly cute hand creams and lip balms to offer this year. The lip balms came in an array of scents like: Chocolate Ganache* ($2.00 each), Pink Meringue*, Almond Sugar* and Fragrance-Free* while the hand creams (which are 45mL as opposed to the conventional 30mL) featured four of Avon's signature  textures such as Vita Moist* ($4.00 each), Silicone Glove*, Intensive Healing & Repair* and Signature Silk*.

Chocolate Ganache actually smells like rich chocolate AND gives a bit of a red tint so my vote is for this one! The hand creams are all noon-greasy, smells creamy and will be perfect for the purse or on the desk.

How is everyone's Christmas going? I am taking it SO EASY I think I will go have a Christmas nap. Happy Holidays everyone!

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