NAILS | Merry Christmas Glitter!

I am over the moon that Korean beauty brand, The Face Shop has firmly made its way into Canada! With pricing and quality that frankly rivals a number of luxury brands, The Face Shop continues to wow me. One product that I have been particularly impressed with is their Trendy Nails nail polishes and at $4 a bottle, I would highly recommend them to anyone!

It is Christmas today which means I can squeeze in one last Christmas-themed manicure before all the ideas get filed away for next year. I was planning on doing a couple more nail art posts, but I had a nail break that will not grow back anytime soon so enjoy my handicapped Christmas tree taping mani!

This was one is really fast and easy to do (no, really!) and involves two coats of
Trendy Nails RD302* which is such a GORGEOUSLY juicy red. It is self-leveling and is so easy and smooth to apply. TFS polishes just have amazing formulations!

I then painted on a gold gradient with Trendy Nails GLI040* in dabbing motions, concentrating the glitter at the tips of my nails. Using some loose glitter, I randomly placed green hex glitter on top and sealed it all in with top coat.

For the tree, I gave my nails a neutral colour using one shade of Trendy Nails OR202* and then taped off the shape of the Christmas tree once everything was dry. Doing my best to stay in the lines, I used two coats of Trendy Nails GR02* and while the polish was still wet, hand placed some red and silver hex glitter for "ornaments". A crystal star topped off the tree and I was done!

Merry Christmas everyone and make sure you try out these polishes!  

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