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This is OFFICIALLY my FIRST holiday post five days into December and I’m okay with it. Yes, the Christmas collections started making their way into our lives back in October, but as I feel like time flies quickly enough in the year, holiday posts will now be inundating Cosmetic Proof though I will try to pepper this space with bits of “normalcy” and regular blog reviews if possible! It’s getting to that time of year where time is of the essence and though I have a ton of holiday items to share with you, some might just leak into January 2016…

Let’s start off Christmas with some sweet (literally!) bath and body delights from Mary Kay! For a limited time this year, Mary Kay has released a number of ready-wrapped gift sets with deliciously-scented goodies with oh-so-cute-packaging perfect for stocking stuffers!

The Cream & Sugar Body Gift Set* ($30.00 CDN) comes packaged in a cute purple patterned box with purple ribbon and contains a marshmallow-scented body whip (*drool*) and chocolate cocoa body scrub made with cocoa shell powder. The body whip sounds like it would be horrifyingly sweet, but it is quite the opposite! The scent reminds me of a meringue pie or Pavlova cake and while this isn’t an overly thick moisturizer, I’d say that it is just the right amount of moisture for a normal skin type. 

The body scrub smells WAY better out of the tube and on the body! It is just the right density of scrubby bits and is that rougher kind of exfoliant that really makes you feel like you’re gettin’ somewhere! It’s my favourite kind!

The next three gift sets contain a body lotion and lip balm in scents that can be enjoyed anytime of the year. The body lotion is similar to the body whip in consistency and may be too light for those of you suffering from dry winter skin. It is a wonderful moisturizer for morning though as there is no residue for your clothes to stick to. I needed something a bit more intensive for night time. The lip balm is mineral oil-based making it one of those extremely thick, protective lip balms.

Apple & Pear* smelled more like pear than apple and though I liked how this smelled in the bottle, the scent didn’t last all that long on my skin which was unfortunate.

Sugar & Spice* is my FAVOURITE scent of the trio and is sweet, but not overly so. There is a slight spice factor, but I can’t quite put my finger on what that spice is. I’m terrible at describing what is happening in my olfaction-processing centres, but trust me when I say this is my favourite!

Berry & Cream* smells very berry-like and if there were more of a cream aspect to it I probably would have liked it more, but as it is I will be gifting this to someone else.

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