MAKEUP | Getting Glam for NYE with KISS Looks So Natural Lashes in "Sultry"

At the beginning of last year, a number of CBBers made beauty resolutions for 2015 and one of mine was to master the application of false lashes (see my post here on Lipstick and Lullabies). Well, I'm still not quite comfortable enough wearing false lashes in my everyday makeup life, but I did make a point of wearing them in most of the makeup looks I posted this year. They really do open up the eye so much! This past year I have had the opportunity to try a couple of different styles and brands of lashes and can safely say that I have formed some opinions on what works for me and what does not.

What has held me back from flat out purchasing lashes is how expensive some pairs are! Lashes can range from $25-$50 and even though they last up to 25 wears, it still feels like a lot of money to shell out on something that seems so fleeting and can feel a little uncomfortable. I didn't think to look to the drugstore until I was sent a few pairs of lashes from KISS last year. I actually used them in a few of my makeup looks when I wanted to enhance my eyes subtly (here, here and here). As much I love wearing lashes that are wild and out there, realistically speaking I want my lashes to feel like my own and they need to be comfortable if I am to survive a whole work day or NYE with them! 

KISS makes a number of different styles of natural-looking lashes, but one of my favourites is the style
"Sultry"* ($4.97 CDN) because I don't have to trim them for my tiny Asian eye! Imagine that! They are meant to accentuate the outer part of your lashes and what makes them look so natural is the "tapered end technology" since real lashes taper to a fine point right at the tips.

The lashes have a much thinner lash band than most other lashes I have used so I have to be careful not to overload on lash glue. When I apply them, I also don't have to push quite as hard since the lash band is thinner and quite flexible. With other lashes, I push fairly firmly on the lash band as that is normally how I know I have hit the base of my lash line. I take extra care NOT to do that with these!

I blend them in with my real lashes by pressing them together with my fingers and oftentimes I can't tell which lashes are mine and which are from KISS! They also feel fluffy and light making them one of the most comfortable lashes I have ever worn. I tested them out for Christmas dinner and not only did they stay in place, but I forgot I had them on! 

Final verdict:If the thought of false lashes feel TOO glam, but mascara ain't cutting it, look no further than KISS Looks So Natural Lashes! 

KISS lashes can be found in London Drugs, Wal-Mart.

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