NAILS | Festively Sophisticated with Dior Nail Vernis in State of Gold and Passion

Let me just say that I cooed audibly when I painted my nails with the limited edition Dior State of Gold polishes throughout this manicure. For the holidays, Dior repackaged and went gold and vintage with their lipstick cases and nail polish bottles. While the lipsticks are coming very soon on the blog, I started with my soft spot - nail polishes. There are some polishes that just scream "I have to be elegant" and the rich red of Dior - Passion* ($33.00 CDN) is just that. Of course, the holidays are nothing without some glitter which is where Dior - State of Gold* comes into play!  

I could have gotten away with just one coat of Passion for opacity, but I used two for good measure and out of habit. I immediately set my round nail studs into the polish and locked them in with Dior's Gel Top Coat. I used three coats of State of Gold in dabbing motions to get the light gold glitter evenly dispersed over the nail and sealed this in with two coats of top coat to make the nails smooth to the touch.

What are your chic holiday nails lookin' like this weekend?

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