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2015 was the year of HAIR for me. I have never used so many different hair products and hair tools in my entire life! I have a whole new appreciation for those who work in the hair industry because it is all still a black box to me. When I hear the brand name Remington, I trust it right away. My first straightener 15 years ago was from Remington and I used it for all of my university YEARS before it finally crapped out. Hair dryers have been in my life for a shorter time as I was a fan of air-drying my hair, but now I take my showers later, my hair is longer and I have come to despise sleeping with wet hair. My old hair dryer was quite heavy and the KISS Tornado (review) sped up my dry time, but left me with frizz. The Remington UV Baked Ceramic Hair Dryer* ($29.99 USD) promises quick dry time, less frizz and more shine thanks to UV baked ceramic technology baked into the dryer grill. It’s also pretty and purple – my favourite colour.

Remington UV Baked Ceramic Hair Dryer Review

Remington UV Baked Ceramic Hair Dryer Review (4)

Remington UV Baked Ceramic Hair Dryer Review (5)

This hair dryer comes with the standard concentrator and diffuser attachments (I exclusively use the concentrator). I think I am obsessed with having sleek hair so the diffuser often sits unused, but if I had wavier hair I might use it more.

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There is a cool shot setting, symbolized by the snowflake, which is for setting your hair.  I use this when I am trying to add volume to my roots where I blow dry in the OPPOSITE way I will part my hair with medium level heat and then “seal it” with the cool shot. Flip my hair back and insta-volume! There are also three heat settings which I love because blonde hair shouldn’t have high heat blown at it (so I have been informed). The medium heat is just right and I rarely move it from this setting. The high heat would probably be good for curling hair with a round brush. While I am grateful for options, I always use the higher of the two speed settings and luckily the higher setting does not cause my lights to flicker either!

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While I don’t know a whole lot about ceramic technology other than having ceramic anything reduces frizz, what I can say is that my frizz level was decreased when using THIS hair dryer. The other thing that’s kind of cool is the “fast dry” technology where nowhere on my head do I feel burning heat spots. The heat feels evenly distributed all over my scalp and I don’t have to do the “shaky” hair dryer motion quite as often. Though a lot of the time I do it out of pure habit.

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Final verdict: Oooh, this was a toughie, but less frizz with a similar dry time is going to have to win it for me. It was lighter to hold as well and my arm didn’t get quite as tired when having to blow dry my whole head. The pricing, at least in USD, is very reasonable and I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want this!

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