CHRISTMAS | Stocking Stuffers from the SEPHORA Collection aka Little Treasures of Delight

Don't get me started on Sephora. That whole place is a friggin' stocking stuffer. While stockings used to be filled with typically inexpensive treats to tithe you over until the "big gift reveal", that does not seem to be the case anymore! At this point, my stocking is worth a small fortune with all the makeup it could hold! No retailer does stocking stuffers better though and if you have waited in line at Sephora's Beauty on the Fly section, I'm sure you have picked up a few extra things mainly because smaller thing are much cuter. Brands actually COMPETE for these coveted spots in Beauty on the Fly because they know we will buy all the things! Well, now you don't need to be in line because I'm going to show you some fun things to both hang on your tree and fill someone with glee!

This eight piece Gift-a-Gloss Lip Gloss Set* ($35.00 CDN) obviously will not fit into a traditional stocking as is, but is actually eight gifts in one! Each triangle has a "To" and "From" space and is an amazing price for eight full size lip glosses. The glosses themselves range from sheer to fairly pigmented shades and smell like berries! Give these to friends or keep them all for yourself!

These hefty-feeling Sephora hair barettes* ($10.00 CDN each)  were items I was not expecting to like because it has been a very long time since I have pinned my hair back in any way. I used to wear bobby pins decorated with butterflies back in 2001 ala Sarah McLachlan, but now it almost seems easier to curl or straighten my hair and just leave it be. My favourite of this trio are definitely the arrow bobby pins because we are starting to see some fairly ornate designs being created with bobby pins in hair. The rose gold accents on all three barrettes are also very stylish.

It's pretty obvious that the Cat Nap Sleep Mask* is perfect for any cat lover which is why I am so sad that it seems to be sold out on both the US and Canadian sites! I know we're cutting it close to Christmas, but I hope there may still be some left in-store. The next two items I have already hung on my tree as I wanted some variation in ornaments! 

The Sephora Babushka Doll Trio Airbrush Sponge* ($18.00 CDN) is sooo cute and comes in three different sizes. While I am partial to the Beauty Blender, I have always wanted to try the Sephora branded sponges to see how they hold up! Three of these are cheaper than a single BB, so if they work, they may be well worth the long term investment! The Sephora Kiss the Moon Lip Gloss* looks just like an ornament. I have silver and gold baubles in my tree and this blends right in so I hope I don't pack it away by mistake! The gloss inside is a happy pink shade and is a cute shade to have in your purse for touch-ups.

I'm so bummed that some of these things are already sold out and from what it looks like, they have been sold out for awhile. Hopefully the inventory situation will be a little different in stores and you will be able to score a few of these babies!

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