HOLIDAY | Lush Christmas Part 2

I know, I know I promised a Part 2 and I'm only doing it now on Boxing Day! As all of us Lushies know, today was the the Lush Christmas BOGO and even though I got up at 7am, I was still too late for many of the gift sets. However, I do have a few Lush favourites that I hoped some of you managed to pick up by the multiples because they are THAT GOOD.

My apologies for how Stardust* ($5.25 CDN) looks because t'was I that packed this one at the Lush Christmas media event. I obviously need some more practice! The scent though, is just heavenly as it is made with Ugandan vanilla and rosewood. In the center are tiny blue water-soluble stars that you can see peeking out the side.

This was my first year trying Butterbear*($4.95 CDN) and its vanilla and cocoa-butter base will delight anyone who loves a sweet and creamy scent. Butterbear is also absolutely adorable so why wouldn't you want to take him home?

The Luxury Lush Pud* ($6.95 CDN) visually looks like my version of a Lush Rubik's Cube. If my Stardust turned out looking like the above photo, my version of this bath bomb, reminiscent of the light-up game "Simon Says", would be a total disaster. This is so pretty to look at and despite its multi-coloured appearance, is tonka and lavender-based in scent. It is the perfect bath bomb for Christmas because the tonka provides the sweetness characteristic of the season while lavender calms the mind.

In addition to the Rub Rub Rub exfoliating bar comes a Christmas version in the form of Salt and Peppermint Bark* ($9.95 CDN) which smells exactly like it sounds. Fine sea salt acts to exfoliate the body while peppermint oil and cocoa and cupuacu butter awaken and moisturize. I have been using this gently on dry skin because I don't want the bar to disappear with water! I am seriously hoarding it!

I didn't have a lot of princess wands growing up so whenever I get the chance to use one I take it! The Magic of Christmas Wand* ($9.95 CDN) is an incredibly seasonal scent made with sweet orange oil, clove and cinnamon. The "wand" portion is also actually made of a cinnamon stick! It's like my bath is a cup of apple cider!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas Day and I can't believe the countdown to 2016 is now on! Tell me if you scored anything at the Lush BOGO sale!

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