NAILS | “You’re a Mean One…Mr. Grinch” Holiday Nail Art

Say what?! MORE HOLIDAY NAILS?? Yes, I’ve had some time at home on my days off to zen out and do some creating. I was actually planning on doing something far less time-consuming, but after browsing the infinite depths of Pinterest, I stumbled across a few Grinch designs (like this one by Nancy MC) that were too tempting to not try! Most of us are familiar with the works of Dr. Seuss and the impact his books have had. I’m going to assume that most of you reading are familiar with the moral of the story and the rough sketch illustration style of Dr. Seuss.

Christmas Grinch Nail Art Essence (3)

Starting with the Grinch himself, I painted two coats of China Glaze – Gaga for Green. For his Santa hat, I used Essence – Fame Fatal* and dotted on Essence – Wild White Ways* for the fluffy trim. I used OPI – Good Grief* for his evil yellow eyes and dotted them red with Fame Fatal. The rest of his facial details were hand-drawn with a nail art brush and black acrylic paint.

Christmas Grinch Nail Art Essence (1) 
The thumb is from the part of the book that shows how the Grinch’s heart grows 3 sizes by the end of the book and isn’t quite so grinchy anymore. The grey base is two coats of Essence – Rock My World!* followed by red and white acrylic paint.

Christmas Grinch Nail Art Essence (2)  
The red and white striped nails were created by painting two coats of Fame Fatal and then using the thinner side of the brush, I “casually” painted on some thick white stripes with Wild White Ways. You do not have to be very neat because in the Dr. Seuss world there is an unfinished rawness to his illustrations AND the black acrylic paint to outline can fix most errors.

Christmas Grinch Nail Art Essence (5) 
The Grinch’s foot symbolizes him running away with all of Christmas in Whoville. For the base, I used two coats of Essence – Don’t Be Shy!*, creamy yellow-green, and then hand painted the elf foot with red acrylic paint and dotted on the white trim with Wild White Waves.

Christmas Grinch Nail Art Essence Christmas Grinch Nail Art Essence (6)

Add a top coat and we are ready to celebrate Christmas! I have also entered these nails into the Nail Polish Canada Holiday Nail Art Challenge, so head on over there and vote for your favourite set at!

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