NAILS | Care Bear Nail Art #MidWeekMani

Care Bear Nail Art
Some press samples

I feel like what is selling right now are reboots of ANYTHING from the 80s and 90s. Basically I am being sold my childhood when it comes to TV, LEGO and fashion and I am not hating it! It's like as I approach 40, my life is coming full circle. One of the things I have seen a resurgence of is TV shows like "Care Bears". Who remembers the Care Bear stare?! This was one of my favourite shows when I first came to Canada in 1988 and I have fond memories of plunking myself right in front of our TV and watching it all the time! 

Care Bear Nail Art

The designs were all drawn with acrylic paint and a very fine nail art brush and honestly took about 2 hours to do one hand, but I think they turned out pretty cute. I chose to do Bedtime, Grumpy, Cheer and Tenderheart Bear bellies and though I wish Bedtime turned out a little bit better, as a group they look pretty cute! My boss recognized them during a meeting and actually commented on them to me afterwards!

What were your favourite childhood cartoons? I also loved Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Captain Planet, Smurfs and of course My Little Pony!

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