SHEET MASK | The Art Cell Aurora Pearl Mask Pack

The Art Cell Aurora Pearl Mask Pack
Purchased by me

A lot of the sheet masks you will see reviewed this summer will have very pretty packaging because many of them came from my FaceTory subscription and I was resistant to using them purely due to the fact that they were so pleasing to the eye. Now, many of the masks are hitting close to expiring so I felt it was time to open them up and get them on my face!

The Art Cell Aurora Pearl Mask Pack

What makes this mask interesting? The Art Cell Aurora Pearl Mask was one of the first masks I ever received through my subscription and I was definitely in awe of the tie-dye packaging and of course very interested in its brightening effects. The mask contains high concentrations of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, pearl extract and mother of pearl extract so there should definitely be some sort of glow to the skin!

The Art Cell Aurora Pearl Mask Pack

The sheet mask itself was very pleasant as it was quite thin and was soaking in essence. It felt soft on the skin and wrapped nicely around the chin. You can see just how thin it is in the photos as you can see my skin through it!

The Art Cell Aurora Pearl Mask Pack

The Art Cell Aurora Pearl Mask Pack

Mask Summary:

Price: I don't really remember, but I want to say at most $5 USD?

Skin concerns: Dullness

Scent: Slightly sweet and floral

Essence Type: Clear, watery and glittery!

Duration: 25-30 minutes

Thickness: Thin 

Mask Fit: Very snug on all corners

Tackiness: Medium

Hydration: Pretty good!

Other notes: N/A

The Art Cell Aurora Pearl Mask Pack

Final verdict: The mask was very hydrating, but I didn't really notice much of a glow with my skin which was a bit sad considering how many luminous ingredients were in the essence. It was also very sticky! My likes when it comes to a sheet mask are pretty simple and though the glittery essence was fun, tackiness is something that really makes up a large part of the experience for me. I would use this mask again if my skin were really dry or for the experience of seeing glittery essence and having a well-fitted sheet mask, but I would not go out of my way to try and buy it again as it looks near impossible to find!

Happy Long Weekend!

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