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Mary Kay Silky Setting Powder
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I cannot stand feeling or looking even the least bit shiny when I get ready in the mornings and for the longest time, I thought that I would just have to live with it never thinking that setting powders could have helped me. Now, that I know how useful they are, I am quite particular about the ones I use and the word "silky" is most definitely on my checklist! 
Mary Kay Silky Setting Powder

Released in the Winter of 2021, the Mary Kay Silky Setting Powders are super soft loose powders that come in 12 shades and are free of fragrance and silicones. While these powders can be used to set foundation, the fact that they are tinted means they can also enhance your existing foundation or naked skin for a natural and lightweight look which is something that I have been doing a lot of by applying powder after sunscreen on days off.

This finish of this powder is lightly mattifying and leaves just a hint of "skin-like" feel without a single ounce of patchiness! While I had three shades to test out, I found that because these powders blend out so finely, if you are off by a shade or two it does not drastically change the colour of your skin. I tried both Light Ivory and Medium Ivory and there wasn't a dramatic difference.

Mary Kay Silky Setting Powder

Final verdict: This is a perfectly pleasant setting powder and I like that there are shade options though I have always preferred "translucent" as my shade. In terms of whether this will be my new setting powder from now on, the answer is no. I compare everything to my holy grail IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Translucent Loose Setting Powder which leaves my skin so smooth and silky a baby can slide off! I know some people don't like their skin to feel this way which is why I think these Mary Kay powders will appeal to many. I am now just too addicted to that smoother than paper feel (actually think Clairefontaine paper for the IT Cosmetics powder) to like anything else!

You can find the Mary Kay Silky Setting Powders at or through your local Mary Kay beauty consultant.

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