LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - July 1st Festivities and Just More LEGO

I felt this week deserved a Five on Friday post as last week was my birthday so there were a lot of favourite things that I really enjoyed! Yes, they are mostly LEGO-related!



I worked right up until my birthday on July 1st and then decided to take a week of vacation so because I have been building LEGO Optimus Prime during my work lunch breaks, I wanted to finish him before I left so that my co-workers could play with him. I had some issues with transforming him and could not get him to become a truck on my last lunch break so I am hoping my boss had more success! 


I have never been to a physical LEGO store before so I decided last week that after dropping off my husband at work, I would go and I did! I took the Skytrain to the LEGO store in Richmond Centre, which was the closest to me, and went right when they opened at 10am (like a crazy mall person). The LEGO staff were super nice and welcoming and gave me this minifigure as a celebratory birthday gift! I think he has a pie on his head? It looked "dessert-like" so out of my choices, I went with that one!


My main reason for going to the LEGO Richmond store was to pick up the Daily Bugle during the VIP Double Points event which ended on June 30th. It had been out of stock online for awhile so when I saw Richmond had it, I decided to bite the bullet as this set is the most expensive set I own at $400! Luckily, a coworker gave me a $200 gift card specifically to be used for this set as my boss has been asking for this set for our office since last year! He has no interest in building, ONLY playing! I also had $200 worth of VIP points so I just had to pay for the taxes which was not shabby at all! I left this set at work so I look forward to building it when I go back!


I like wearing slide-on comfy shoes before I start work and my cheap Vans knock-offs from H&M that I got for $7 finally started splitting so when I cam across these blue, swirly Vans at the Vans store I was sold! They are super comfortable and I love the design even though I was super tempted to get the classic Vans black or black/white checkerboard pattern. I literally only wear casual shoes like this outside of work so I wanted them to be a somewhat interesting design. 


On my birthday, Casey and I headed out to Steveston in Richmond to visit my mom's store as well as enjoy the Salmon Festival. I hate driving in Richmond so we took transit which a VERY long journey. After taking the Skytrain to the very last stop, we then took a bus that was 36 stops...basically the end of the road so even though I am glad we did it, it's quite the trek! After hanging out with my mom and picking up some things from her store, we grabbed some lunch. I had to have these "propeller fries" which unfortunately weren't as crispy as I would have liked, but were still entertaining to eat!

What did you and your family get up to the long weekend?

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