Finesse | Keratin Protein Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner

Last month, I fell in love with a new dry shampoo from Finesse (review) and today I have the matching Finesse Keratin Protein Shampoo and Conditioner which promises colour protection and strengthening of hair to prevent split ends. This hair care series also contains hydrolyzed keratin to provide extra conditioning and shine. I loved the dry shampoo, but did I love this duo?

Finesse Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

Final Verdict: Unfortunately, I didn’t have the same love affair with the shampoo and conditioner as I did with the dry shampoo. I found the consistency of both products very runny. I can’t even store the conditioner top-down because if I pick it up in that orientation, all of the conditioner will literally “fall out” of the bottle. I have been using this duo for about three weeks and in the first week, my hair felt incredibly dry. It was a bit strange seeing as how this S&C were supposed to be conditioning…I stuck with using these until today and I did notice that my hair felt stronger in that it held wave and curl better, but the dryness didn’t go away completely.

I’m somewhat torn about this S&C because I like the stronger hair, but it didn’t feel very moisturized. I also find that certain S&Cs work better at certain times of the year so all I can say for now, is that if your hair is prone to breakage give this duo a try, but I wouldn’t look to it for any additional moisture.

Do you find that you switch up your hair routine just like skin care when there is a change in season?

PR samples sent for review.

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