GODIVA | Limited Edition Mid-Autumn Festival Chocolate Mooncakes

The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated in both Vietnam and China and is held on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese calendar. This year the festival takes place on September 8th, 2014. I have grown up knowing this holiday as the Mooncake Festival where we would eat mooncakes, round pastries with a thick crust. The filling would often be made of red bean or lotus seed paste and eaten in wedges with tea because they are incredibly dense and will probably make you very thirsty! On average, each mooncake is a whopping 1000 calories so they really become a treat as you get older!

In honour of the Mid-Autumn Festival, legendary chocolatier, GODIVA has debuted a new collection of limited edition chocolate mooncakes with new tea and fruit flavours capturing the spirit of this holiday. The mooncakes are presented in a luxe crimson-coloured gift box featuring Chang’e, the Chinese goddess of the moon.

Godiva Mid Autumn Festival Chocolate Mooncakes

Godiva Mid Autumn Festival Chocolate Mooncakes (2)

Godiva Mid Autumn Festival Chocolate Mooncakes (3)

Godiva Mid Autumn Festival Chocolate Mooncakes (5)

The main feature of the Mid-Autumn Festival Collection is a very large, dark chocolate shell filed with a crunchy grapefruit mousse with hints of lemongrass and vanilla and topped with black-tea infused chocolate ganache. 

Godiva Mid Autumn Festival Chocolate Mooncakes (4)

The next three mooncakes consist of:

  • a milk chocolate filled with goji berry mousse, macadamia cream and cocoa nibs, topped with a black tea-infused chocolate ganache
  • a white chocolate filled with mango-apricot mousse blended with Brazilian hazelnut pieces and topped with a green-tea-infused chocolate ganache
  • a dark chocolate filled with ginger-spiced mandarin orange mousse topped with a black tea-infused dark chocolate ganache

There are also two additional mooncakes – Grapefruit Black Tea Crunch and Lychee Green Tea Crunch - available individually at GODIVA boutiques.

My favourites in this collection would have to be the white chocolate mooncake as I love green tea and the dark chocolate mooncake because I love the kick the ginger gives to the orange mousse. I have three mooncakes left and I have to admit that they were all so delicious that I am responsible for eating/”reviewing” the other six…

GODIVA chocolate mooncake gift boxes ($50.00) are now available nationwide and online. Individual mooncakes are available individually for $6.50 each at GODIVA boutiques. This collection is only available until September 8th, 2014 with 20% off online if you order 2 or more mooncake gift boxes! 

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