Jayne’s August Favourites

I actually had quite a number of favourites for August, but I feel like if I list too many it gets somewhat confusing as each item loses its “pedestal-like” status as a “favourite”. I have some gems that I have definitely been consistently reaching for over the last month and possibly even now in September so they must be pretty awesome.

August 2014 Favourites

The Balm | Instain Blush in Swiss Dot

I got a bit of a tan over the summer thanks to my drive to and from work so what seemed like a scarily-bright blush in the spring was the perfect pop of colour in the summer. This blush is so soft to the touch and leaves a healthy stain of colour on the cheeks.

shu uemura | Drawing Pencil in M black 01

I reviewed these drawing pencils last month and was so impressed with their staying power. The pencils are waterproof with the black drawing pencil being tough enough to last even on the waterline.

fresh | Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Balm

I’m sure I have mentioned these in the past, but in the summer having a lip balm THIS tinted AND with SPF is the perfect alternative to a thick lipstick and lipgloss.

NYX | Butter Glosses

My favourite colours for the summer have been nudes Creme Brulee and Éclair. These glosses are so smooth and non-sticky (not as long on the lasting power) and smell REALLY good. I love having bronze eyes and nude lips in the summer. They make me feel like I’m some sort of goddess living on the Mediterranean.

Essence | Metal Glam Eyeshadows

I just reviewed these last month and LOVED them especially the two colours above: Jewel Up the Ocean and Chocolate Jewelery. For a drugstore brand, I am so impressed with the quality of all Essence products. I heart you Essence!

Boscia | BB Cream SPF 27 PA++

I just keep going for this particular BB cream. I love the finish as it’s kind of dewy, but not wet and once it “settles”, my skin looks so healthy and flawless. The colour is self-adjusting and it matches me perfectly even when I was tanned. It is also oil-free so I don’t get extra greasy as the day wears on.

August 2014 Favourites (2)

Julep | Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil

I am pretty sure I got this last year, but never got around to using it. This was just a great moisturizer alternative for the month and worked just like any other dry oil, but the scent is one that I have not smelled before. It is both fruity and floral which I don’t often come across in a body oil.

Soap & Glory | Sugar Crush Body Scrub

This is a gritty body scrub. My favourite kind as I feel like it’s actually exfoliating, but not so rough that I can only use it on callused areas. The scent of this is just…OMG…brown sugar and sweet lime. It makes my mouth water and is one of the BEST scents I have ever let grace my nostrils.

TKEES flip flops

TKEES| Flip Flops in Seabark

I never knew sandals could be so comfortable. These have cowhide uppers and insoles which make them SO COMFORTABLE. They just soften to the shape of your feet and come in so many colours and finishes. Best $57 I ever spent. I got mine at Kiss and Makeup. I will plug them since they are local ;-)

YouTube | Cooking with Dog

This channel is awesome. Francis, the dog, is the “host” of the show, but he doesn’t actually do any of the cooking. It’s done by a very maternal Japanese woman who speaks no English. The recipes are very Japanese, but sometimes have a North American twist and the narration is just great. I love this show. Above is one of my favourite things to eat!



Based on where you live, this little widget adjusts the brightness of your computer screen because during the day is when it should be brightest. I have found that f.lux also helps me GET OFF the computer when the screen starts to dim in the evening. If you still need to work on the computer, you can disable it or work with the dimmed screen. It feels much easier on the eyes and has helped me in decreasing the number of headaches caused by a glaring computer screen.

Hope you enjoyed my little discoveries for the month!

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