MAKE UP FOR EVER | Sculpting Kit in #1 Light Pink with Swatches and Contouring Attempt

Contouring freaks me out. I feel like if something goes awry it’ll look like I’ve had work done (not like there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m waiting until things go completely south before I go there). I’ve watched those Kim Kardashian contouring videos on YouTube and I am still at a loss for what to do. I need something really easy and foolproof which brought me to the MAKE UP FOR EVER Sculpting Kits ($55 CDN). With just two colours, I can naturally highlight and contour my face. Read on to find out if I succeeded in looking contoured or disfigured!

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit in Light Pink (2)

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit in Light Pink

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit Swatches

Both colours have a matte finish and are very soft to the touch. The pigments seemed very light on the brush and do not deposit a whack load of colour all at once. Both colours were incredibly buildable which was something I was grateful for!

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit

Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit (4)

The instructions on the packaging state to use the lighter colour on the apples of the cheeks and the darker side for the contours (which seemed a little vague to me). The second and final instruction said to blend the colours together to give a natural finish. That was it. So, starting with a blank canvas, I used the MAKE UP FOR EVER Brush in #150 (review) to do my contouring as it was the only brush I had that was slanted. I contoured only my nose, cheeks, jawline and around my hairline. Can you tell?

Final Verdict: The instructions on how to use this kit were VERY basic. When it said to use the darker colour on my contours, part of what makes contouring tricky for me is figuring out WHERE my contours are. What I would have liked is a little “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours?” in the form of a visual guide.

The compact is about the size of a business card holder and quite slim so very purse-friendly for those that like to contour ‘n go. In terms of product quality, the colours were buttery, blendable and buildable. Three Bs in beauty I love! They weren’t heavily pigmented which was fine in this instance since contouring is all about subtlety and making the shape of your face look as natural as possible. Having said that, I do feel that these are two shades that most people already own in their makeup collection in the form of a highlighter and bronzer. A matte highlighter shade might not be all that common which might make this compact duo appealing to some of you that would prefer to have both shades in one convenient place.

Does contouring scare the crap outta you?

PR sample sent for review.

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